Demon from the Jade Sea 2.0

By Twigz on March 28th, 2016
Race: Norn
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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19 5
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Old post has broken images so this is repost also I have to thank to Deathblade Kenny for dyes suggestions and places to take screens like SouthSun Cove. Last image was my old dyes so you can see the difference, but I thought it was a strong action screen and wanted to keep it.

Okay guys I will like to say that I have not played GW1 and not really familiar with Factions but I think the story is interesting.

The concept behind this character is that he actually survived the whole calamitous event of the Jade Wind, broke free of being petrified and was rebirthed as an immortal demon of the Jade Sea. He possesses the power of the dark arts and has chilling attacks to freeze his foes into jade, just like the event that consumed him. He is now going by the name Yù Shuang Shòu which roughly translates to jade frost beast.

The armor comb was more inspired by dynasty warriors, which is a game about the fight between the multiple Chinese kingdoms. My character isn't a direct cosplay of any of the characters in that game, so this entire ensemble was made to look like it was based off of Chinese mythology. Hopefully giving it an overall Canthan feel.

Side note: I know there is some clipping but I just like to think he is tucking in his shirt :P

Special thanks to [oOOo] Quaggans Magic Candy Wagon for letting me shoot in their guild hall. (the sloth kill was dope too)


Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
Great improvements of the screenshots and the dye job. i love the theme! so unique! especially for a norn. Like i said the Jade dragon weapons would be so perfect for this look! even tho u earned my Gold!
2016-03-28 19:41

I love it. Excellent screen locations too! Gold
2016-03-28 21:41

There are still a few dye choice things I'd change IMO (pick an actual jade green over Viridian? a metallic gold instead of Redemption so your pics look better-shaded?) but other than that, I love this! Gold!
2016-03-29 0:51

Like KestrelGirl mentioned, some work on the dyes and the look would be awesome. Armor and weapon choices are great, and I love the guild hall screens! :)
2016-03-29 4:26

Fashion Guru
I actually like the first version better dyewise :/
maybe it´s just that the greens and reds seem to bright now and you also have to adjust them, but I feel like the lighter gold did a better job for your purpose
2016-03-29 5:16

Really unique armor combo and the dyes are perfect.
I'm not a fan of the shoulders, but i really like the mask. ;)
Great job, gold. ;)
2016-03-29 7:44

Fashion Collector
Thank you everyone for even more input we might see Yù shòu shuang again becuase there is a character that I'm working on in the future that goes with him, so he might get another wardrobe update.
2016-03-29 13:30

I like your armor combination, Fanged Dread Mask and Glorious Epaulets are pretty rare to see.
Little changes on dyes could be nice but I still like current ones. And of course great screens :)
Gold for you ^_^
2016-03-30 12:05

Fashion Collector
Ty, I'm glad you liked it.
2016-03-30 13:50 in reply to morriganiontko

Fashion Collector
A very distinctive look you created , love it !
2016-04-03 21:55

I love every bit of him! But please change it to Yu Shuang Shou, because Yu Shou Shuang means (With Hand Cream) in Vietnamese xD
2018-01-24 0:40

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