Traveling Bandit Asura

By Raulken on March 27th, 2016
Race: Asura
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Black
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1 3
2 0
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I got some inpiration from the bandit treehouses in Kessex Hills. I decided I wanted a bandit themed asura. Im not the best stylist, so I would like some tips on the look! ^^


i dont know why but he looks so cute and right at home in the treetop house. there is even a corpse near him lol. Very original look. Gold from me!
2016-03-27 10:54

Elessar Taralom
It would really help if you´d specify dyes and armour and give us a screen from the character login screen, like this it is it´s a bit hard to judge him properly
2016-03-27 12:08

I agree with Elessar, I wanna see up-close he's kinda tiny xD Aside from that it looks cool, especially the sword it almost looks like a dagger that the lil guy picked up.
2016-03-27 14:07

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