The Medieval Knight

By Eremite on March 27th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
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He belonged to a time of castles and dragons...of princes and kings...of paupers and peasants...of demons and gods...
A time when men were clad in iron and wielded shields. And upon their shoulders a blade was laid. Knighted they were, and loyalty sworn, to guard the crown with his life.
A crown of gold and sparkling gems...


Needs work. Spice up the armor combination a bit more, and maybe a bit more variation in the dyes (darker metallics for contrast with the lighter metals, or some different coloring for cloth/chainmail components).
2016-03-27 14:02

Needs more color and armor variation. Very plain IMO.
2016-03-27 16:33

thx for the comments! i was aiming for a plain and simple look though. just like the good ole medieval days.
2016-03-28 9:00 in reply to Saint

thx for the thoughts! i love the way the phalanx armor set was designed. so i decided to make a character and story just for it. was aiming for a plain and simple look with the colors.
2016-03-28 9:02 in reply to frederickx

Fashion Guru
Not too original and colorful, try to lvl up it a bit.
2016-04-03 1:31

ty for the thoughts!
2016-04-05 11:32 in reply to horsie