Sarazelli Mortakasi, Scripter of the Dead

By frederickx on March 26th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Blue
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Yay, finally finished Nevermore! Now for a look :)

Have you ever wondered why we remember the dead? Those that only live in memory, in writing, and in legacy? This is the work of the Scripter of the Dead. She is responsible for writing the stories, the life, and the memories of those that have passed into the flow of time, where they are preserved for all eternity. Without the Scripter of the Dead, our memories of the lost, the writings that record their accomplishments, the tales we tell to our young ones, would all be meaningless, they would be fiction without the history embedded in them. Without the Scripter of the Dead, the dead would be lost completely, in body and in mind.

However, the Scripter is bound by a curse. Her own soul is drained to power this flow of knowledge and history. Each history she writes and records, of each passing soul, saps energy from her soul to infuse the soul of the dead into the flow of time. When the energy of her soul is depleted, she will fade, forgotten, only to be replaced by a successor. Everyone remembers that the Scripter exists, but no one remembers who the Scriptor was. That is the fate of the Scriptor of the Dead.

Sarazelli Mortakasi is our Scripter as of now. She and her pet raven carry the burden of scribing those that have passed into history. Every morning, Sarazelli sends her raven to collect the souls of the newly dead, and each night the raven returns to the Scripter so she may write. She reads each soul at the conjuring altar in her lone tower in Ascalon, and weeps for each sad tale, griefed by the story of each host’s passing. Her tears are the ink, thick and black, of soul and blood, that flows into her ink holder. With those tears and a raven-feather quill, she begins to write, sapping her own energy as she weaves the tales of the lost into time itself.

As time goes on, the words consume her. In grief and guilt the inscriptions manifest themselves in her soul, filling the gaps of sacrificed energy and enveloping her physical form in darkness. The words corrupt her dress, and slowly but surely the colors fade as the darkness sets in, eating away at the vivid cloth as the soul is depleted in this sacrificial task. Those words will one day cause Sarazelli Mortakasi to fade in totality.

We give her all our gratitude as she sacrifices her own life, night after night, death after death, inscription after inscription, to preserve those that we have lost. May we remember her while her existence lasts, for soon she will pass and will be forgotten.


*Scribe. :P

Congrats on Nevermore! This is certainly a unique way to match it. I'd love to see pictures taken at other locations besides Ascalon; Auric Basin (nowhere near Tarir, lol), perhaps?
2016-03-26 2:17

wow just wow. This is possibly the best story I've read on this site!
Such an engaging tale...I love it!
Very good screens too! love the main picture.
Gold from me!
2016-03-26 6:23

Such an amazing tale! The style and screens fit it perfectly. Gz to nevermore, you made a great look for it. I'll pay my respect to the Scripter!
Gold! :)
2016-03-26 6:55

Everything is perfect, from the description to the mix and the screens ! Amazing job, huge gold from me :D
2016-03-26 8:48

Fashion Guru
you certainly captured her haunting vibe here and I love it. GOLD on presentation alone, but the story is great! Yeah ... im throwing gold all over this one lol
2016-03-26 11:41

Fashion Collector
I'm not specially a vampire lover... but damnit, this is an amazing look! Who would think that Nevermore would fit so well?

Gold, indeed!
2016-03-26 11:51

First time I really like using this face :D
You did really nice look around Nevermore (and ofc congratz on finishing it)
In my opinion no need to take screens on another location and for sure no around Tarir :o
Gold for you :)
2016-03-26 12:57

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
I love it! especially the picture where u kneel infront of the raven. also great dye choice! gold. location is fine too
2016-03-26 13:13

Thx guys! :D
2016-03-26 13:15

Ty! I love that screenshot a lot more than the others because it was a huge colossal pain in the neck. 1) Ascalonians kept spawning because the Battle for Ascalon City chain was ongoing and 2) Minis never stay still!!! Took almost 15 minutes to get ~10 seconds of stillness for a shot xD Totally worth it though :)
2016-03-26 13:17 in reply to Deathblade Kenny

Elessar Taralom
great work on the dyes, this ombre effect on the skirt is exquisite!
you definitely made a well-crafted look around the legendary and your description is a delight to read!
usually I don´t like that face, but with the Glint Mask and her backstory you really convinced me that it can look amazing!
2016-03-26 14:12

I have to say the armor-comb itself is not too eye-catching.
The story however is absolutely Gold! Your lore behind the look helps setting it into a great light! Thanks to her background, the armor comb suddenly makes a lot of sense and i even find details that i would ignore else (e.g. the glove-part of the chest-piece looks like the ink she uses, maybe her hands are covered in it now?)!
I also love how you embeded the legi into the story, VERY creative!!! Usually i would agree with KestrelGirl about the fact that its only one location, but since even that fits your story perfectly, i have nothing left to criticize.
I cannot not give you Gold ;D
2016-03-26 14:59

It's actually the Wraith Masque from necro character creation. Although I've never actually considered using Glint's Mask for the look, I might try it later :D Could be an interesting combination with the mascara :o
2016-03-26 15:00 in reply to Elessar Taralom

That was actually a part of the lore I left out, lol! the fact that the words she writes consume her and take over her body. I gonna go edit that... (slowly walks away facepalming...)
2016-03-26 15:04 in reply to Hylek

Okie made a small update and put in some more lore bits that I forgot to include. Stuff happens when I post looks at 1 a.m. without caffeine xD
2016-03-26 15:12

Fashion Guru
This is amazing! GZ for Nevermore! I'm big fan of dark themed looks. Gold!
2016-03-26 15:31