Bunny's Angel

By marcowy_zajac on March 25th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: White
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2 3
2 0
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Hello. I'm glad some of you liked my first outfit, so I decided to add new one :3

`This one is from Christmas 2015, I'm sorry for only one screenshot but I couldn't find anymore, but I made a .gif for tumblr, here's the link (with black skirt, because I love to try new things all the time): https://49.media.tumblr.com/4eae3d58970263ba787efb2f0cf76c0a/tumblr_nzth93SH9R1v2vms7o1_500.gif
Hope you like this one, it was very nice combined with Christmas themed Divinity's Reach.`

Dyes choice:
-Pink one, because it had to be the same colour like character's skin.
-Black/White depends on event in GW2 (white was better for christmas, but usually I go with black skirt),
-Gold Wreath of Cooperation: looks good, sometimes I choose light green so it looks like leaf.

Waiting for your votes and comments :3

~Marcowy Zajac


She is so beautiful :)
Didn't think combination of Profane Chest and Magician Legs could work so well. However I'm not sure about boots, they are looking a bit wierd with full covered leggins.
I like subtle colors, maybe I would add more pinkish accents and definitely go for green Wreath of Cooperation :)
What a pitty you don't have more screens :c

Z?oto ;)
2016-03-25 10:12

Really interesting combination of profane coat and magican leggins. This is really something new. She has also a beautiful face.
It's sad that you havn't got any other screenshots.
The blue/black combination is also good.
Good job!
2016-03-31 7:05

ona o
She's got such an innocent face
2019-05-01 11:15

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