Dragon's Heart - Arkhivva

By Chiorydax on March 24th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Blue
Vote Breakdown
3 10
1 0
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With a heart of grief and vengeance for all that Mordremoth has taken away from her.


When Arkhivva awoke, she wasn't greeted with cheers or the welcoming hands of the sylvari mentors. She had no Dream to guide her, but she wasn't Soundless. She was something... different.

Almost in an attempt to compensate for her difference, she became truly committed to the Grove and its residents. Still, it wasn't so easy to fit in, because, without a Dream, she still had to discover herself.

That's when she met Metavox. He didn't see her lack of a Dream as a flaw, simply a different walk of life. Arkhivva grew close to him, inspired by his strength and determination in the fight against Zhaitan.

However, when news spread of the Pact's destruction over Maguuma, things changed. The sylvari became closely observed by the other races. And Metavox... was leaving. He believed there may be answers in avoiding Mordremoth's corruption by seeking independence with the Nightmare Court. He pleaded with Arkhivva, who was so separated from the Dream's reach, to flee before Mordremoth overtook the Grove. She refused.

Confessing her love to Metavox, she promised she would stop Mordremoth before their home was taken. He responded by saying, should they both survive, they will be together.


Fashion Guru
the armour mix in itself is cool, especially the helmet with those shoulders and gloves, but the dyes, oh my
the blues differ highly from armour piece to armour piece and it definitely doesn´t look intentional, it´s just midnight ice looking differently on all the pieces
screens and story are great though and you chose good weapons, but the dyes definitely need some work
2016-03-24 18:07

Fashion Guru
Yeah, this is where it would be nice to have a cleaner black dye (like shadow abyss, but I'm down to 20g after crafting sunrise, so that's not happening anytime soon).

But thanks! I've not actually been sure about including long, in-depth bios for my characters, but someone did ask. I'm kind of new to contributing to this site, so I wasn't sure how much people cared about the behind-the-scenes thought process.
2016-03-24 18:15 in reply to thunderstruck

I love the armor mix! and the dyes look oddly fitting to me. A couple of great screens but could have been better if you found a better angle with more lighting for some of the screens. Still, a gold from me!
2016-03-24 20:32

After first screen I was expecting something wow, but instead of that was just "meh".
Great idea with mixing helmet and Shadow of the Dragon's armor parts. I think you should try with some organic part? Maybe cultural or TA top or Bladed if you wanna have cape.
And Carapace boots are too bulky.
About dyes- if nit Abbys maybe some dark brownish with light green accents fitting to elements from gloves and shoulders?
However I'm not good with heavy looks and it's my personal taste ;)
2016-03-25 10:37

Very nice armor! Like the others mentioned, the dyes need work. They look great on the first screen, were they look dark and like shining metal. Iron, abyss or nightshade are great dark colors for metal, and they don't cost hunderets of gold (and I personally do not like the shadow dyes, since they are to dark to see the details of the armor) :)
2016-03-25 12:48

This is basically my style in the armor selection xD Balance out a butt-cape with some high shoulders or large helmet with an angular chestpiece to get a good flow. The dyes need a bit of work though, the grey is too bright when compared to the rest of the darker colors. Weapons don't match either =(
2016-03-26 1:31

Fashion Guru
I'm glad to hear you have similar tastes!
Honestly, the gray was intended to be nice and bright (silver, after all, is a pretty bright dye comparatively). I think it adds nice contrast.
I see what you mean about the weapons, though. I was focusing those more on backstory-relevance than fashion, though. I'm certain there are better combinations for this.
2016-03-26 1:43 in reply to frederickx

Great armor mix. And a commendable job on the dye mix. It can be tough matching colors from different mateials. Differnt materials are renderred differently which makes it very difficult.
2016-04-27 14:48