Goby the Honey Shroom

By Crnx on March 23rd, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Brown
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6 3
2 0
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People may think being a mushroom is an easy life... Well, it's not.

First, you are born among the roots of the Pale Tree, and down there, there's nothing but moisture. And then, generally right after your birth, you discover that you've got a HUGE family, and a lot of things to do for them. And here begin your journey, taking care of every little mushroom you meet, every big too when they are sick, taking pictures as you are THE ONE travelling the world and not sticking to a damn wall. You talk about spore with some, you show your muscles to the shiny ones, you give haircuts to others, you try to understand those new mushroom you didn't knew before and you hear them talking about that Pact crash they saw the first as they were there all the way (and I don't even want to talk about these dumb cousins that attack everyone just because they can move too...). And moreover, I wasn't the classical mushroom that do nothing but being good in an omelette à la Beetletun or else. I have chosen to be a honey mushroom, taking care of bees. And that's hard. You got to find the bees, cauz they wont come to you as you're not a flower.
As I was saying, not an easy life.


Hey everyone ! Let me introduce you Gobennydd, my sylvari engineer !

I decided to create him after reading something about mushroom being good for bees, like protecting them against things and preventing their hive of collapsing. And I knew there as this sylvari mushroom haircut, and a pistol with a bee, Apidae (and the Preserved Queen Bee that I don't have, maybe one day, who know's ?). So anyway, I didn't designed my character around the pistol, but I did so for the outfit. I hope you'll enjoy it here as much as I do in-game !

(fun fact n°1 : At first, he looked a little like the new sloth raid hammer thing, which is a mushroom too, as he had the same glow, skin color and pink on the top. I changed his face to a scarred woody one to match the shaft of the hammer, for a future use.)
(fun fact n°2 : Gobennyd is the gaelic word for "paresseux" in french, which can translate as lazy or as sloth. Coincidence ? I don't think so, let's go raiding !)

Pardon my english, and have a great day !


Elessar Taralom
Love the strong contrast you created with the dyes here! You also made some nice screens and your little story is adorable! ^^
Smth about the armour mix feels a tiny bit disconntected to me, but that will not prevent me from giving you a well deserved gold!
2016-03-23 18:03

Fashion Guru
what a swaggy mushroom!
2016-03-23 19:38

I love how you went taking screens with all the varied mushrooms! So cool :D
You really need this hammer! It will be such a fitting comb :O
Gold from me for beautiful presentation and a very nice themed outfit!
2016-03-23 20:15

Fashion Collector
Well... if there would be a reason for making these weapons and choosing this haircut, here is this reason, indeed!

Nicely chosen pieces, with colors that give him a very mushroom-y look... and the screens work very well!

Gold for you, m'sieur.
2016-03-23 22:23

Love your story!
2016-03-24 13:14