Ancient spirit of the forest

By Eremite on March 18th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Green
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The men never saw what took them. They had entered the forest east of Divinity Reach in search of rare minerals with their hatchets and pickaxes, destroying the habitat around them with wild abandon.

And from the shadows of the forest, a spirit arose, harnessed into life by the great ancient trees. With weapons made from the barks and stones of the forest, the spirit stalked the men. It wasn't long before cries of alarm were raised among the men but they were no match for the spirit who was one with the forest. And the forest became their grave.

A gentle wind blew as the canopy swayed in the breeze. A rustle here, and a chirp there. Then all was still again.


I love the concept! Very nice job !
Great use of the glowing mask, nice colors and choice of weapons.
And I love the screens. 2nd and 3rd in first raw are my favorites! In the 3rd he really looks like a mossheart imo !
2016-03-18 23:00

I really love the story that goes along with this and fantastic screen caps! Could you add one from the login screen to see the colors in a more neutral light?

Either way, awesome stuff here!
2016-03-19 0:44

Thanks for the kind words. I wasn't expecting any gold for this design since I'm basically using a set of T2 armor. But I liked the natural woody foresty feel it gave so I thought I would do a set of pictures for my ranger too before I re-modeled him with more armor mixes.
2016-03-19 8:50 in reply to Acethyle

thank you as well. I didn't include the login picture because I thought it was best not to see him in his natural state hahaha
2016-03-19 8:51 in reply to daranon

I really love how simple, yet effective the look is. You created an atmosphere around him, with just so little and he's super lore-friendly, love him :)
Screens are great as well. GOLD!
2016-03-19 13:06

This is the one out of 1000 styles were i feel that the mask actually fits!
He really looks like a tree, posessed by the spirit of nature!!!
The only negative thing imo, is that you only used t2 armor. Maybe leystone boots would make for a great impression of his feet being roots, covered in earth and being ripped out of the ground as the spirit took control over the plant body? Just an idea.
I want to give you credit for the creative use of the mask tho, Gold :D
2016-03-19 13:52

Glad you like it! =)
2016-03-19 19:22 in reply to NanaItalia

Thank you for the suggestion! will take note when I remodel my ranger =D
2016-03-19 19:22 in reply to Hylek

Fashion Guru
Amazing concept! Gold!
2016-03-21 13:17

Glad you liked it =)
2016-03-22 5:23 in reply to Exitus_Letalis