Dominator - Codename: AZ-317

By Hylek on March 15th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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Oy, its Hylek with a little company o/

After the dominator weapons came out, me and Elessar were having a lil fight over the staff skin ;D
We both wanted to create a look with it, but didnt want to come in second, after the other one uploaded it ... so we made a duo look!

For the appearence, we just thought of futuristic assassins, so the theme was clear! I tried to create a more dominatrix-like look, so to be somewhat the opposite of Elessars brawler type assassin.
The head-piece is supposed to be a cybernetic enhancement for her eye. The rest of the outfit is purely for combat purpose.
Matching the colour-scheme of the dominator weapons was the hardest part of the whole look. While Elessar was going more after the greenish hues, i was trying to incorporate the purple half of the weapons. Even tho the "enameled reign" dye is too redish to actually match the staff, i thought it would widen the spectrum of this iridiscent colour-scheme of the weapons.

To get to know more about the lore behind our looks, see the duo-look:

I hope you enjoy mine, Elessars and our duo screens!

Greetingz! :D


Fashion Collector
omg I will have to write three comments now, but they are so worth it! each of these looks is so amazing! the eye thing is such a great idea! really unique concept around the dominator weapons and it is great to see such huge minds work together
2016-03-15 20:42

I've got no words for how amazing this combination is. The Dominator Staff is probably the best out of the set, and I've been thinking of how difficult it would be to match its seemingly alternating colors.

This, however, is absolutely perfect.

Your armor and dye combination is very cohesive. I love how the Zodiac Boots and Glorious Legs appear to be one whole armor piece. Plus the inclusion of Royal Purple and Enameled Reign form this sexy and powerful ambiance that melds so well together. There's also that hidden/subtle hue change as you eye across the character, quite fitting to the Dominator weapon effect. The Bladed Chest and shoulders I personally find awkward to work with, but here, I believe you've done it justice. The purple-dyed metals are shown in a different light here, and set it aside from the duller metals that generally adorn it. They give the set those pseudo-futuristic, eye-catching elements that are simply awesome. The Nightmare Faceguard is another interesting addition -- it's a piece I don't see often, but here, it fits the theme of an assassin. I, too like to see it as a sort of skin-engraved scouter, a perfect cybernetic enhancer.

Screenshots, as always, showcase your combo very well. I enjoy how they present your character in that dominating light; the smug character expressions and intimidating poses -- you've sold me. The Asuran locations were absolutely ideal, fitting to that of a futuristic theme.

Another solid gold from me. Love it!
2016-03-15 21:57

Fashion Collector
Simply Good.

Something similar popped on my mind for my necromancer instead, when I first saw that staff. I'm glad to see you've put perfect pieces and colors together for this.
2016-03-15 23:26

This is amazing!
Dyes fit the staff perfectly and the armor is great! I love your idea of creating a duo-look with Elessar, the dominator staff is really the coolest skin of them XP
When I think about it, the Dominators could just be an organisation like the inquest or the aetherblades, that would be nice in the game.
However, you nailed it! GOLD! :)
2016-03-16 4:19

Fashion Guru
Very cool style! Love the colors and she looks so badass!
2016-03-16 4:34

Awesome as always ! Definitely gold !

Dyes are matching, the theme is coherent and the screens are all perfectly rendered.
Definitely a gold from me !

And I gotta say, I'm really going to pray everynight to be blessed with your talent at making skins :D
2016-03-16 5:19

-- Comment has been removed --
2016-03-16 7:05

Fashion Guru
You ans Elessar are terrible- terribly awesome of course!
I loooove what you managed to do with the bladed top and I simply loove everything about this look. Everything matches the staff you really chose the right dyes to bring out this awesome glow of the weapon!
I adore the Story the whole future thing is such a perfect idea and holy crap, what are those screens? They are too good it's amazing!
Here, you can have my Gold or my soul or whatever you want! You deserve it!
2016-03-16 7:05

Solid as a house! Of course I don't expect anything less than purrfection from you!
Very nice style, combinations and colors Hy!
edit: Good grief those screens! Now I got to mop all the drool of the floor... *tosses her soul on the pile too*
2016-03-16 7:08

Really amazing look and it only gets better in the group look :D
2016-03-16 7:12

I've never thought, that a crazy dye scheme like this could look so great. It really fits the weapon perfectly. You even created a great metallic effect. :D
A great theme, it looks like if it was made in a futuristic game, not Gw2. ;)
Gold job. ;D
2016-03-16 7:15

Fashion Collector
Sharp Style :). Everythink look great. Gold of corse.
2016-03-16 8:10

Faceless Wanderer
This is one of the best outfit + colourscheme + Idea mixed with weapon I've ever seen here. Very very original and deserves pure gold
2016-03-16 9:39

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
holy shit man this is pure epicness!
2016-03-16 10:11

freakiing awesome! i LOVE the dominator staff and you made it look even more awesome
2016-03-16 10:58

Fashion Guru
~ throws all of the gold at Hylek ~
2016-03-16 11:17

Finally!! This is just AMAZING! Couldn't expect anything less coming from you !
You matched the colors of the dominator staff perfectly!
The mix is so cool; I love that you used the zodiac boots and the idea with the mask is genius!
And the screens.. they are superb!
Another GOLD for you of course ! ;D
2016-03-16 11:33

O. M. G. guys ...
I never thought you would go this crazy about the look, It makes me even happier tho ^,^
It was truely an overwhleming pleasure to read all your nice comments! I love you all so ******* much o.O
The colaboration with Elessar was a blast! We had SO much fun creating the looks and screens!!!
Thank you all! And thank you Elessar for this epic duo action ;D
2016-03-16 12:17

Fashion Guru
i have no words. really. pure perfection.
chapeau, chapeau, chapeau.
... i don't know what to say i totally love her! she would be an amazing character for a comic!
please, take all my gold T.T
2016-03-16 12:55

Oh my gosh, your dye job is incredible perfect to Dominator Staff. I didn't think you can choose dye with so perfectly matching :o
Amazing action screens and armor combination, everything is peerfect. I'm in love with your look ^^
Oh well, todays word of the day is PERFECT :D
2016-03-16 13:37

Fashion Guru
the dyes are so perfect, Amazing! Gold for you.
2016-03-16 14:53

Thank you so much *heart*
I love your PERFECT comments ^,^
So happy you all like the look this much!
2016-03-16 15:25

Fashion Collector
I don't think i have to still comment your looks, i always say the same things, anyway another Great look. Good job :D
2016-03-17 11:38

Haha, thanks for your consistent love then :D
2016-03-17 12:34 in reply to kreck

If Ivy Valentine had clothes.
2016-03-21 20:49

hehe ;D
Someone actually made a really great Ivy cosplay:
Thanks for your comment :)
2016-03-22 0:07 in reply to frederickx

Fashion Collector
Nailed it love the dyes they go perfect with the weapon, and the headpiece that is nightmare court. Which is like kinda like illegitimate T4 sylvari cultural but you used it on her look like she has a scouter or it is some cybernetic. I'm in love, gold from me.
2016-03-24 10:27

Thank you Twigz!
Glad you like it :D
2016-03-24 13:41

I love how you manage to recreate the style and the gradient of the staff in your armor.
2016-04-06 13:12

Thanks a lot! It was quite a hassle to fit all the colours :D
2016-04-06 13:16 in reply to Shizuma974

Hylek, how come I didn't see this look before? :D
The dyes are amazing, even more from behind.
Everytime I saw that faceguard I hated it, but it fits pretty well with that armor.
Oh! And pretty screenshots too :)

Good job as always! :D
2016-04-11 15:06

TY Migg :D
This is actually a duo look i made with Elessar! You should check out the duo screens (the duo-look is in the description) ;D
2016-04-11 15:59 in reply to Migg

Yeah I did but forgot to comment there before.
The pictures there are awesome aswell :)
2016-04-11 17:52 in reply to Hylek

Fashion Collector
Female version is awesome.
2016-06-14 12:30

this is really awesome. i have never seen this armor before ever, it looks so cool, i thought it was heavy, not medium.
2016-06-20 17:08

Thanks! great you like it Vermilion ^,^
2016-06-20 18:32

I love the overall look and the way your character look; the hair, the face, outfit, and the amazing dominator staff. The color combo is beautiful and dark against dark backgrounds which suits the personality of your character. I love every variety of your screenshots. It'd be nice to read a little bit background to get to know more about your character, though. I write short stories about each of my toons which makes it even more interesting about who they are. That's why I gave your description low. All others are pretty high. *thumbs up!*
2016-10-15 16:57

Well first of all thank you!
Its nice to hear that you like the look and the screens :D
While you critizied my description, you didnt seem to have read it that cautiosly :P
Theres a link to another look-page where we told some sort of story that we thought of in this look, because its a duo look! I didnt want to copy paste all the story from there, so i just linked it.
If you are still unsatisfied with my description afterwards, feel free to vote as you please ;)
I do think that rating descriptions low, just because they dont include a story is somewhat unfair ... but i know that many people vote this way so i guess its just me :S
Anyway, still thanks for your compliments and your comment! :D
2016-10-16 11:27 in reply to Voxann

Fashion Guru
I love this! Gold! :D
2016-11-18 8:01

Thanks Silverbleed ^,^
2016-11-18 11:33

Jan Regal
Fashion Guru
Very 80s cyber punk.. Love it!
2017-01-11 23:46

Thanks Jan! :D
2017-01-12 8:55

Violent Muffin
I am LIVING for this look! That's one hella cyborg-assassin-bad-b*tch look! Gold! :D
2017-03-23 6:30

Thank you so much Muffin ^,^
2017-03-23 10:58