By Solaris on March 15th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
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1 7
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In the past years my home, Lion’s Arch fell victim to the wrath of Zaitan. Faced destruction, by the influence of Mordremoth thru Scarlet and faced annihilation. We, the proud people of Lion’s Arch became . . . refugees, hiding behind the walls of the Vigil.

Those of us that survived the onslaught joined the heroes of Tyria to liberate Lion’s Arch. With the help of the Pact, we were able to storm the Breach Maker. The pact commander landed the finishing blow, ending Scarlet life. Lion’s Arch is now free but all is in ruin.

For those of us that made it through the nightmare alive. We took an oath that this will never happen again to our home and formed an Elite guard from the best of the best. We now stand together in arms as THE LION GUARD SENTINELS.

I am Leona Lionhart, proud member of The Lionguard Sentinels. I will protect the people I hold dearest to me. My home will fall victim no more from the corruption of the elder dragons.


Really like how the gloves look with the top x bottom x shoes!
Also very nice job on the colors and screenshots!
2016-03-21 18:33