The King's Last Stand

By Cykomore on March 11th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Brown
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" Now that my time has come to an end, I must gather my knowledge and pass it to you, Heir. Your sharp green eyes sealed your fate the day you came to this world, for they mean you ought to be the next king. We call it "Umqondo", The Will. But this gift means far more than a mystical election. Gather your courage, for you are about to discover the true story of the tribe.

We aren't the only humans in this world, though we are the only ones crossing these lands. We haven't been around for millennia. In fact, we haven't been there for more than a mere two hundred years. Our ancestors were from a distant land called "Elona". They were servants, domestics. And there was a noble. His name was Parsh Ossa. When the undead Palawa Joko began his cruel reign, they fled his spreading corruption and went into hiding in the far Shiverpeaks, establishing a village. Far from the undead horrors roaming Krytia. Far from the ill-earned ruler of their homeland.

Sadly this peace was only temporary. About two decades later, the ice dragon Jormag awoke and spread his corruption over the mountains. The whole village was slaughtered and only Parsh Ossa and the children survived, for they were the only ones away at the time. Convinced there was no hope in surviving if they had try to join southern civilisations, he hid the truth. These children were too small to know where they came from. They didn't know their history. And so it should stay. He taught them stories filled with mysticism, with heroism. He built a tribe with the strongest possible bond, and the unwavering conviction that no life was to be found anywhere outside these forests. On his dying bed, he made his only son the new ruler. For the next generations forth every ruler was designed by his sharp green eyes, the symbol of his direct blood relation with the "First King".

But I'm done with this. As the 7th ruler I can't allow our tribe to be only the mere shadow of its original culture. As the king that has been ruling for over 40 years, way more than all my predecessors, I can't allow my life to be wasted on an otiose reign. As foolish as my intentions are, my will won't falter.
Heir, I entrust you with the flame of knowledge we have been passing down for generations. I believe you'll follow our footsteps and watch over the tribe with the strongest commitment.

If you read these lines it means you're about to be the crowned. It means I didn't return from my journey against the Ice Dragon and its corrupted followers. It means Jormag is still threatening our lives.
But do not be frightened, my son. I fought with the blade of one, but the heart of many. I fought with our ancestors' will at my side.
For I, Khetiwe Zulu, put my life at stake to bring back peace in these lands ! "

- 7th Zulu, Khetiwe "The Wise"


I tried something different for my new look, so maybe the result won't be as good as I thought. I have honestly not a clue how I managed to mix Elonian story, Norn mythology and Zulu influences in the same style, but I tried. My goal was to make a realistic tribe warrior so I tried to create a heavy character wearing mostly bony pieces with still some apparent skin parts, and references to "Nature" in general.
Let me know if anything seems really bad about this look, as I'm really not sure of the end result.

After 4 years of only playing and dressing a charr necromancer, switching to heavy humans feels super weird and I really had trouble to adjust. Anyway let me know what you think ! :D


Wow. This is... different. Love the story idea!
I see where you're coming from with the mixed themes, but to add to the effect, you could get a makeover and use some white Africanesque tattoos. I know female norn have a face option that sorta looks Egyptian; not sure about the guys, but if there's one of those for them too, you could try using it (and getting rid of the hair as well, unless there's a very short curly hairstyle).
Hope this helps! I look forward to seeing v2!
2016-03-11 12:43

Thanks for commenting ! Actually I started this skin on a Norn, but I couldn't keep the story because of a simple reason: body size. Even with everything at minimal, he was giving a "giant" vibe which was not suitable with the Elonian roots and stuff.

So I had no choice but to go with a human, and none of them had tattoos of any sort to put on the face :(
2016-03-11 13:35

Elessar Taralom
I really appreciate that you managed to make this headpiece look original and fitting instead of ridiculous!
Your story is just amazing to read, your screens are creative and fun! Nicely done ^^
2016-03-11 15:33

Thanks !
2016-03-12 3:25 in reply to Elessar Taralom

Love the story!
2016-03-12 5:46

Minor nitpick: Elona*

As for the rest, it's awesome, but you probably could have passed off a norn. Turai Ossa was practically half-giant in his own right.
2016-03-12 8:31

Oups my bad, didn't see this typo !

And was he ? Then I should have stick with norn with tribal stuff :(
Next time then !
2016-03-12 11:01 in reply to Cuddy93

This looks nice ^^
2016-03-12 11:09

Happy to see people are finding it ok ! First time dressing a human, and I really didn't have any confidence in this look
2016-03-12 12:01 in reply to Solaris

Well he wasn't *actually* half-giant, but he was still frikkin huge. Largest human in GW1, that's for sure. Towered over the other guys in the Bonus Mission Pack.
2016-03-14 11:38