Purple Purity

By Myalesca on March 11th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Purple
Vote Breakdown
0 3
2 0
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Here's my little Purity, WvW/ Raid elementalist. She looks like a doll, I really like her :D She's not my main, but I could play her for hours.

Purity is a little girl, with a gentle heart, but she's a bomb on the battlefield. Her armor is themed like a lot of animes. And specifically: Less silk - better armor. Or "My eyes are here..."


Fashion Collector
You should problably do 3 different look pages, so you can better specify the pieces and colors using the site mechanics... Also it make easier for people to vote on what they like (or dislike).
2016-03-11 8:46

Hey! Thank you for your advise. You're probably right, I'll look what I can do :D
2016-03-14 13:15

Fashion Collector
There isn't much to comment about the armor (or the lack of it). Sorcerer's Top + Aprentice Skirt + Phoenix/Exalted Boots is a very overused combo for being the skimpiest you can get using light armor. So nothing new here.
I do like the colors tho. They go well with the backpiece and the staff, although I'm not sure about the scepter and dagger...
2016-03-15 11:33