The Maneater Tribe

By Hylek on March 7th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Green
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44 6
2 0
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Deep in the jungle, off the battles against the Mordrem, a different kind of horror lingers.
A tribe of cannibals, maneaters and murderers. They once were explorers and castaways, now they hunt down every trespasser that is unlucky enough to cross their territory.
It is rumoured that the bones they use as armour and weapons, are made off the remains of their victims. Yet, the biggest thread for anyone who enters their ground, is the deadly pollen they carry along. Huge flowers, worn on their backs, spread the narcotic breeze that taints every intruder.
Sleeping prey cannot fight back …

Hey there :D

I pretty much described my basic ideas about the look in the story, so i wont babble about it again ;D
Maybe i should just mention, that i tried to resemble a skeleton hand with the magitech gloves ... thats the only reason i used them.
I had this look for a very long time now, just never uploaded it. Now i got some motivation to do so, and the itzel village offers some seriously awesome screen-locations.
I want to remind you guys, that i never use any programs to alter the appearence of the game, even though some screens might look like it. The itzel village just has super awesome lighting ^,^

I hope you enjoy the theme and the screens!

Greetingz o/


Elessar Taralom
I love how you literally gave an explanation for every piece you used! Even the backpiece, which on first sight seemed random, is so well integrated!
The mask is so eerie here, it is such a unique theme that I probably never saw on this site before, definitely not on a female Sylvari!
I loooove the weapons you used, especially the torch, dang, what a creepy torch!
I hope I am safe from being eaten, because I am a gal? >> Just take all my gold and spare me please!
2016-03-07 14:37

Fashion Guru
Dang that story is sooo cool and I love the look you created around it. The little detail with the flower is so smart and awesome :D
The mask is on point it's a creepy one and I adore the dye job it's just an amazing combination between green and brown very earthy and natural but cool!
The weapons are on point! I am a bit mad because I wanted to create a look around the torch but now you did an awesome look (how dare you)! And yayy to the screens the Itzel camp is really a perfect location! Take my gold and spare my precious life ;_;
2016-03-07 14:47

Like always bro, gold is what you got ! I can't recall a single style of your I didn't like for at least the past 3 or 4 months.... :D

Btw quick question for you and the other fashionista out there: when you do these chars do you create a new one you'll gear up solely for the purpose of style, or is it still characters you'll play quite often ?

I find myself having shitons of style ideas nowadays, but I just can't convince myself to start them because for me I NEED to make a char I'll want to use. And I definitely don't want to go through the leveling and gearing phase... Prolly one of the main reasons my Charr is still the only one I post ^^
2016-03-07 15:52

An unique Sylvari look with awesome dyes and fitting theme! I really like it :)
2016-03-07 16:08

Thank you so much Ana and Elessar :D
Glad you like the story too!
2016-03-07 16:08

Thanks for the Gold mate :D

Well I always take my chars that i also play alot and just create styles around them. Often i use a makeover kit to fit their appearence if i really like a new look ... else i try to fit the new style to their current face/hair etc.
I once created a whole new character, but that was an exception.
2016-03-07 16:11 in reply to Cykomore

Whoa, this mask freak me out! D: so scary and unique theme! Perfect matching Sylvari armor with non-planty parts with natural dyes.
Itzel Village is just perfect place for your theme :) btw never seen this fish! (6th screen) :D
Incredible look, as always :)
2016-03-07 16:12

Aw, i really like this one and love the explanation you gave for the flowerbackpiece, since it really might seem out of place at first glance. Very cool screens and surely awesome weaponchoice. Gold :)
2016-03-07 16:31

Fashion Guru
Amazing ! :D
What a cool concept and I love the idea behind the backpiece! I love the armor and the dyes and especially those shoulders with this mask! Such a cool cannibal :p
Perfect choice of weapons too ! GOOOLD as usual ;D
2016-03-07 16:47

Thank you so much guys ^,^
So great to hear you all like it! Love you all :D
2016-03-07 17:50

I really like this look and its concept. The armor combination is very nice and something I haven't really seen before. Usually I hate the vigil medium pants as I feel they are too diaper like; but the way you've used them here is really nice and fits the character so well. I also really like that you opted for the TA boots over the t3 boots, as they have a better leafy effect. And I never would have thought to use the magitech gloves like that! Since the top covers the main part they work really well to give that bony look. Shoulders and mask help pull this look together and sell the story.

And I love that you used the weapons that you did. I think the mistake of some people that have a similar theme is that they throw in expensive/flashy weapons, which really kills the overall look. The primitive theme of your weapons just really helps to solidify the tribal look she has going as well as the story.

Your dyes are well chosen and help to tie the armor pieces together. The greens aren't too obnoxiously bright and have a very natural feel to them. And I think the way you dyed the pants has helped me to like them when I usually despise them.

The screens are beautiful and are clear enough to see the armor; while still being atmospheric to show her story. The only complaint--and it's a very minor one--is that I'd like to see more "far away" shots if you will. Some to show more full body so that it shows off all the armor as most of them are from the knee up. Like I said, very minor and definitely doesn't detract from the look whatsoever.

Very original Sylvari and armor concept. Job well done!
2016-03-07 20:39

Thank you LyraHeart for your awesome and detailed comment!
Its really nice to see all the aspects, i took into consideration, being appreciated like this! :D
Its very nice to get such a thorough feedback!!!
As for the screen part: ive never really thought of ranged screens being necessary to show all the aspects of a look, but you are right! It would definitely bring more variety to the presentation and give a better overview over the armor-set.
Personally, i dont mind darker screens and closeup-screens to create the themed athmosphere of a look, as long as there is a screen from char-select or hero panel to present the comb in neutral light. Nonetheless it is very nice to hear how others think about this aspect and it helps understanding votes and opinions! Ill definitely have a closer look, when selecting screenshots in the future, to have more whole-body screens and good lighting!
Again, thank you very much for taking the time give such a detailed feedback! I really appreciate it :)
2016-03-07 21:12 in reply to LyraHeart

Venus Fly Trap? More like Venus Everything Trap amirite? :D

It's ok me and my botany will find the door eventually ( ._.)
2016-03-08 0:22

Ok thanks for the answer ! I just need to motivate myself then :D
2016-03-08 0:33 in reply to Hylek

I love this animal/visceral feeling the look exudes. It feels very reminisce of the Floran race in Starbound (; this race is essentially a cannibalistic plant-like society, which I see your look can possibly draw parallels to. I really enjoy the concept of a once-peaceful race managing to display that primitive and savage behavior, which is something I feel your look emulates.

Your choice in armor is appropriate, suitable to a swift and primitive hunter. I find it difficult to work with Vigil Medium Legs, but here, I couldn't see anything else working. The TA boots, T1 Evergreen Coat, and Avian Shoulders are also incredibly fitting, as they align with your description of scavenged armor. I think the Magitech/Evergreen Coat combo hiding the more metal parts of the gloves is an amazing mix, and very much so mimics a bony hand. The Stalker Visage I feel ties the look together, its appearance highlighting your Sylvari's eerie glowing eye silently watching its prey. It's all an original armor combination, as well!

Your dyes are deliciously natural, complementing the Sylvari's skin tone and features. Leathers are dyed this deep, natural brown which contrasts the lighter tones on the chest and boots. The greens are very vibrant, and fitting to a natural camouflage, no complaints here.

Weapons are very primal, again aligning with that of a scavenger using bits and pieces of bone to craft their weapon. I've personally been wanting to try out Godskull weapons on a few necromancer looks, glad to see them used appropriately here.

Screenshots are great, as always -- they highlight and keep true to the primitive theme you have. Although the shots are dark, there is still plenty lighting to highlight your character's look, which is great! Likewise, there are lots of neutral shots and a plethora of non-disruptive action shots. And I do have to agree that the Itzel village is the perfect location for this look.

I love it all! A stunning presentation with remarkable screenshots, and an original armor and weapon combo. Gold from me.
2016-03-08 2:39

Perfect score for me! A perfectly integrated character...
2016-03-08 10:35

Thanks Idoh for the compliment :D

frederickx: haha yeah, Venus Everything Trap is quite right >:D
2016-03-08 11:54

Thank you so much for your awesome comment and appreciation!
I did not know about that game before, but you are right, my thematic aligns quite well with the Floran story :D
It is great to hear you like all the details and ideas, i incorporated in the look!
Reading your comment was a real pleasure, thanks again for taking the time to give me such a detailed feedback!
2016-03-08 12:02 in reply to SIGfigures

woohhoo great... :D
This upload took a long time, I still remember your presentation ingame. ;)
Super cool concept. Love it. :D
You took great screenshots..(as always^^). I like the one in the middle of the last line most. *-* Really wild sylvari! Gold! ;)
2016-03-08 12:06

Thanks a lot silvi ^,^
Its great to read your comments again after quite some time :P
2016-03-08 12:13 in reply to silvertree

I like the primal vibe portrayed by the screens. The mask, shoulders, gloves & the unique dye combo bring out this. . . . scary canibalistic feel :)
Please don't eat me!! here is gold for you XD
2016-03-08 21:32

Thank you Solaris!
Your Gold vote has pleased me, you may live ;D
... dont fall asleep though!
2016-03-08 22:02 in reply to Solaris

I don't realy know, what to say... She is just SO AMAZING! I love the theme of the look, I love the mask and that only one eye is visible, but it shines so bright. The colors of armor and skin work perfectly together. The pale skin makes her almost look human. The weapons and screens couldn't be better.
You get all the Gold I can give! :)
(And I think my ranger will get a new look ;D)
2016-03-09 10:46

she definitely fits your theme perfectly *-*
i love the screens, really cool :) and i love how you used the magitech gloves!
i just don't understand how your screens always look so nice without any alterations.. personally i can't play gw2 without gemfx anymore, because it looks so blurry and strange without it although i play with highest settings :o
2016-03-09 11:52

Thank you so much for your Gold!
Its nice to hear that i gave you some inspiration for your ranger ;D
2016-03-09 12:53 in reply to NanaItalia

Thank you so much!
I think the game is quite pretty already, especially when you play with high settings! Some locations definitely have better lighting than the average game-areas, i always try to use these. But generally you just have to find the pretty spots in the game ;D
I think the new options (like the higher antialising and the "ambient occlusion") they implemented some time ago, did quite improve the appearence of the game.
I guess its hard to get used to normal graphics when youve always been using gemfx tho :S
2016-03-09 12:58 in reply to Chro

Fashion Guru
I'm so jealous xD She is perfect 10/10 for everything! Seriously! The dyes inlight greatly all of the details of the well chosen armor combo, and the colors scheme fits amazingly the sylvaris!
Gold for days I say!
2016-03-10 13:17

Thank you so much RedIvy ^,^
Great to hear you like it that much!
2016-03-10 15:57

thanks for your reply :) i haven't always been using gemfx, just started using it about half a year ago or something :D i simply couldn't stop using it, because it definitely improves the graphics a lot. but i guess i should play around with the new settings you mentioned, i always seem to miss out on those things :D
2016-03-19 10:43 in reply to Hylek

Fashion Collector
All things look perfect here. GOLD
2016-06-14 12:32

Love this! Also the mask is one of my favorites, and just adds more BONES! All in all, well done! Good inspiration for my own sylvari, I'm still trying to get her look down ;)
2018-02-27 6:23