By Solaris on March 6th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
Vote Breakdown
3 10
2 0
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In times of Crisis there have been sightings of a hero in Gold & white armor phasing in and out of the mists in the battle field.

It is said that her mist blades glow blue and crimson as she rages on while her staff wards off hostile ranged attacks. She stays in the Front lines clearing a path for the pact as it moves toward its objective.

In times of peace she is a sword master at the Vigil training them for battle and is seen frequently visiting the grove in her respite.


Elessar Taralom
Really great screens!
2016-03-06 17:53

I feel like the armor-comb is a bit overused at the moment :S
There are a lot of people using the mistward armor and the herlad shoulder-piece!
White-Gold colour-schemes are not very original, but i love them myself, so i can understand your decision ;D
In my opinion the boots dont fit very well, since they have a plated style and the rest of your armor has these ornament-based appearence.
I really want to compliment you on your screenshots! They are suuuper pretty!!! Nice locations, very diverse poses (you used all the weapon animations) and your character is well visible on all pictures!
I think the armor-comb could use some more creativity, but your presentation is awesome! Overall a silver from me :)
2016-03-06 17:58

Fashion Guru
I have to agree with Hylek. This combination is terribly overused especially on Heralds :/ I'd say you could try to find another top and bottom combination, maybe another chestpiece or keep that one and try to find another bottom piece. If you want something "cape"- like then I would suggesst the Arah leggins!
I am also not really a fan of the boots I just don't get those heels and they are also not quite fitting to your overall look.
The dyes are nothing too special but still pretty. I like your screens you really took some effort representing your character and her look and that's something I always enjoy :3
2016-03-07 9:25

Hey guys, thanks for your inputs and suggestions :). I will try to look into those boots, the plated ones do clash with the ornamental vibe i was trying to achieve. Yeah i do agree on the armor set being over used seeing 7/10 heralds seem to use them
2016-03-07 10:19

Agree with others. Also I'm not sure about fractal swords, personally I would go for more noble looking weapons like Bonettiā€™s Rapier, Ebonmane's Blade or Golden Wing Sword.
Overall your look is nice, but need a just small work on it. Also your screens are great!! :)
2016-03-07 18:18

Not too sure about the boots, but there is a very nice feel to it,
specially because of the gold/white, which really works
well for your girl!
2016-03-21 18:34