Hellspawn - Malevolent Consciousness

By Eremite on March 5th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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2 0
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At the very depths of the volcanic crater, a tiny demon lay curled tightly in a ball.
She was but an infant, helpless and weak.
And there she lay, slowly absorbing the energy emitted by the churning lava.
Days passed...and then years...
Gradually she matured and black feathered wings grew from her back, unfurling with a grace that seemed oddly fitting.
Unlike most demons, she was spawned with a consciousness, with eyes that glowed with malevolence.
And the world will burn with her coming...


Elessar Taralom
The mixture of this top and bottom piece is really interesting and works way better than I´d have expected!
The black wings feel really like a part of the look, smth not a lot of people achieve!
Also very nice screens
2016-03-05 8:41

Fashion Guru
What a smart thing you did there with the 'boots' :D
Hoever I like the demon theme and It looks really nice on her. The top and the bottom piece are indeed something unusual that I've never seen before on someone else's character and it actually doesn't look bad.
I like the wings and the glowing eyes however I would love to see some shoulders on her maybe nothing too extraordinary but just something that makes a rounder look since she is basically barefoot and her gloves are very simple as well.
But I like the screens they are really well done and they are also very fitting! :>
2016-03-05 9:49

Fashion Guru
*however of course :D
2016-03-05 9:49

I think this look is rather interesting and definitely implementing an armor combo never really seen. However, aesthetically speaking, it feels off. I like the top as I think it fits with her concept but I'm not sure the legs are the best choice--though I'm hardpressed to suggest a replacement. Very nice use of the invisible slippers though, very fitting for her concept. And while I'm personally not a fan of the wings, definitely fitting for her.

The dyes fit her theme, though I'd like to see some red-oranges in there, like the embers from a fire. I think it would help cement her theme. I really like how you managed to blend the top with the bottom, very well done.

I also like the choice of weapons. I was pleasantly surprised not to see Twilight with a red and black look. I think it would have made the look feel cheap, ironically speaking. So the destroyer weapons and the Chiroptophobia are very nice to see here.

While the screens are dark I think you managed to show off the armor clearly. I was going to suggest some screens in a more daytime setting but upon looking at them again I'm not having an issue seeing detail, especially in the volcano setting. I will suggest adding more fullbody screens of her, as you don't get to see the invisible slippers in any but the character select.

In conclusion, I think this armor combo isn't seen often which is refreshing, though I personally think it needs a few tweaks. I think you've done the concept well and with just a bit more pushing this look could be very polished. Good job!
2016-03-06 19:21

I was so excited after seeing your character design, mask, chest wings and weapons. But when I noticed Magician Legs it was just meh..
Your look is very natural, dark and a bit demonic but pants destroing mood of your stylization.
However I still like it, your dark screens are awesome, choice of weapons and locations is awesome!
2016-03-08 8:17

Thanks everyone for the comments. Actually I struggled very long with the pants. Almost opted to go the 'safe' feathered pants but felt it was too commonly paired with the nightmare chest. When i first saw the magician legs I too thought it didn't fit with the dark demonic looks I was aiming for. It just looked too...bright and modern and chirpy. But when I saw how well the color and joining meshed the chest and the skirt, i thought this was it. possibly the best alternative to the feathered pants.
2016-03-08 9:44 in reply to morriganiontko

I love the dark theme! We dont often talk about the characters themselves but nice work using that face with the eyes! The hair fit really well too!
2016-03-08 10:44

Glad you liked it! =D
2016-03-22 5:18 in reply to Elessar Taralom

Thank you for the thoughts!
Will consider a shoulder option when I get around to remodeling her, maybe the bats shoulders? Then that will be like no shoulders again XD
2016-03-22 5:20 in reply to AnaChronism

Thank you for your well thought-out comment and review of her! I'll definitely consider more dye variation and full body screens! To display those 'invisible slippers' hehehe.
2016-03-22 5:22 in reply to LyraHeart

Thank you! Glad you liked it =)
2016-03-22 5:23 in reply to Idoh

This deserves a gold.
2016-05-02 1:53

Fashion Guru
This reminds me of Alice Madness Returns for some reason, I don't know why exactly. Looks great!
2016-10-26 4:54

Thanks! This is my 2nd proudest dark look. *proud*

I went to check the alice game screens and its creepier than my design!
2016-10-26 9:48 in reply to Katushka