Crimson Scavenger

By Shiver on March 4th, 2016
Race: Norn
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Red
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0 9
1 0
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This is my reaper. I wanted to give him post-apo scavenger/survivor look. I think i did a pretty good job.


Fashion Guru
I am a totally fan of post- apocalyptic looks they are really my favourite.
I like the headpiece it really fits to your theme and I also like the boots since they are a bit bulky and just a wonderful addition to your look.
I only have a little problem with the top and bottom situation here. I would maybe keep the chestpiece but change the bottom piece to something else maybe some simple pants or something else from another set that would still fit right in. I think they are not the best choice and also I don't really like too many pieces of one set.
I am also nit quite sure about the shoulders but besides my little complains I really like that your necro doesn't look like a typical evil necro all in green with the typical weapons and that's already a nice thing.
What I would loove to see though are some more screens, some diverse screens with action shots and close ups just to give us a better look of your character. Don't hesitade using some nice fitting weapons as well it always upgrades a look :)
2016-03-05 9:59