The Oathbound

By windrell on March 4th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Green
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8 5
2 0
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""My soul to the people, my sword to its enemies. This I pledge, through steel and blood, until my hand could hold no more."

It was a promise, a pact, and of all things, a curse. The words spoken wove magic to one's very soul, and bound them to the living plane, in service to the empire.

She did so without a second thought. Not for glory, or power, or the golden suit she wore with pride. No, the girl loved her people, her empire, and wanted nothing more than to serve it.

She battled their foes. Tirelessly, she sought to protect her nation from its enemies. But ultimately, there was one battle that could not be overcome: Time.

Stone turned to rubble, steel rotted by rust. The people scattered to the four winds, memory shorter than a sigh in the winds of time.

But there she stood still, her vigil eternal. There she stood, a testament, a reminder of a once-golden age."

Hi, this is my second entry here.

This time, I went for an "antique" look.

Hope you guys like it :)


Elessar Taralom
Really classic looking heavy style! I love your dyes, especially this rusty red on the legs, it just looks really natural
The action shots are great as well!
2016-03-04 7:34

i love the story. you wrote it very well.
2016-03-04 8:48

Fashion Collector
Classic look, nice screens, good story and nothing texture here. Fighting scene win for me.
2016-03-04 11:39

Fashion Collector
I'm mixed as to the armor mix, but the choice of color on this is absolutely SPECTACULAR.
2016-03-04 23:42

Thanks for the comments! :)

Tbph my heavy armor choices were fewer coz I main a med. armor character, so I had to make do with the skins I got from grinding to 80 :P. I'm glad you guys liked the dyes, though.

I may post a version of this armor when it was "new", just for comparison's sake.
2016-03-05 0:13

Fashion Guru
What a nice story and a nice look!
I like her golden armour and the dyes you used. Those nice red and a bit rusty details are really cool and it creates a very interesting look.
I like the screens they are really well done and you managed to take some nice action shots here!
Gold from me :3
2016-03-05 10:07