Semaeyn - Main Garment

By cyricjumala on February 28th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
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Semaeyn is a Sylvari warrior from The Grove. He successfully avoided fighting Zhaitan and Mordremoth by fleeing into the Mists. He is a Mistwarden, fighting through his way between worlds. However, his batallion was killed, except for him. During his fights, he met Gwendolyr, lover of Caolfwynn, another Sylvari warrior seeking refuge from the terror in Tyria. Semaeyn is part of my Dances with Chickens universe.
He is a very frightened and very depressed Sylvari. He's a son of very late "Harvest" of the Pale Tree, even younger than Caolfwynn, thus he feels he's just an umpteen little dust in this world. He does not trust his Mother or his people, especially after Mordremoth's influence on all those Sylvari.
Because of his frequent travels through the Mists, just like Gwendolyr, Semaeyn's veins flow in blue Mist. His armor is inspired by this and his heritage of "Salad"ness: his eyes and the heart of the breastplate flows with his natural blue Mist, while some other parts resemble thorns and plants.

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Dances with Chickens and friends are meant to be some sort of bad comedy, a shattered mirror on the deviancy and closed-mindedness, elitism of gamer society in all. And, of course, intentionally pushing the limits.

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A serious look from a not-so-serious person. Well done. Silver from me!
2016-02-28 15:03

Fashion Guru
I like the tiny blue detail on the top it's really interesting. What takes it away is the monotone dye scheme everywhere else. I think you could create a nice look using more than just Shadow Green imo. You could use some more blueish details for example like you did on the chestpiece or to match the Glint's gaze mask!
Not a very big fan of the top- bottom combination you could try out the Arah bottom piece for example or anything else that would fit with that top.
Would maybe use a different backpiece here but the rest looks nice. Screens are also looking pretty :3
2016-02-28 19:02

Ugly green, weapons don't fit and the armor couldn't be less original. Random 48923 I will call you from now on.

2016-02-29 9:22