Shorty Mordey 2.0

By Brude27 on February 28th, 2016
Race: Asura
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Green
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5 7
1 0
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When I first created the "Shorty Mordey" look for my Warrior, I was really pleased with it... I love/d how the Helm/Shoulders/Chest/Gloves went together... the dye colors, the way the armor fit with each piece... It was definitely what I wanted out of the look... With that being said, I always felt the Legs and Boots could've been better... I spent a lot of time recently in the Wardrobe looking for the much needed replacement pieces, and finally landed on this look. I'm 100% thrilled with the way this little guy looks now, and I wanted to share the update with you!

P.S. It should be said that this character is 100% PvP only, so I don't have anything other than the Mists to get screenshots from... Sorry!

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Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
i like the uniqueness of him but i dont like the weapon choice. still gold tho
2016-02-28 11:24

Thanks, Deathblade! Much like in my first version of Shorty Mordey, the weapons are only placeholders for now. I did finish my Rodgort that I mentioned in the first one, but it didn't fit the way I wanted it to. I've found that trying to match my weapons to this look is the wrong approach... they need to be perfectly imperfect, and I'm still working on finding the set to achieve that with.
2016-02-28 11:30

You could buy Verdant (sylvari t3 cultural) weapons and transmute/transfer, if you want something plantier. I think they'd match pretty darn well. (Don't have a sylvari? Make a toon. :P)
2016-02-28 11:40 in reply to Brude27

Elessar Taralom
Really interesting look, I like the greens and oranges you brought into this!
Definitely a unique approach and I do quite enhoy the Auric weapons with this!
2016-02-28 12:19

Fashion Guru
I also like the Auric weapons with it :p too bad that the screens are only in the Mists (as the lighting is bad there), but I understand the reason ^^ Pretty original asura :)
2016-02-28 13:26

@KestrelGirl The Verdant Weapons don't quite fit this look, but thanks for the suggestion! I also can't resist directing you to my Sylvari submissions in my profile since you haven't seen them! I'm very proud of them both! :)

@Elessar Taralom & RedIvy Thank you both for the kind words!
2016-02-28 16:22

It's ugly....

And it's supposed to be ugly - like a mordrem.
Perfect dyes and armor choices. The whole setup really fits. Original. And that with an asura...

You deserve the hard-to-earn-gold from me.
2016-02-29 9:27

@Xyonon Thank you very much!
2016-03-01 23:05