The Demacian Champion

By Acethyle on February 28th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
Vote Breakdown
26 5
4 0
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Hello ! o/
I'm back with a Demacia inspired look (League of Legends).
This is not a cosplay of any champion from LoL! ^^
I just tried to make an armor inspired by the whole demacian style, and especially the colors (Blue/grey/gold). Champions that inspired me: Garen, Jarvan, Lux, Xin Zhao...

So for the armor I tried to make something that could make my guardian look like he belongs to Demacia.
I think the top and legs make a good combo and the blue parts on them fit the ribbon on the hammer.
Helmet, shoulders and gloves for the wing pattern. Vigil backpiece to finish the look and because I like the grey/golden colors on it which goes well with the armor.
The hammer was perfect to go with my look and I wish I could get the staff that looks similar but it's so expensive and I'm so poor.. so I went for Azimuth and it does the job I hope!
Vigil greatsword and sword to go with the backpiece, and also because I like how big the greatsword and sword are (it kind of reminds me of Garen).
And the golden focus for the wing pattern again.
I chose Divinity's Reach and the big castle in eternal battlegrounds for the screens as they could be assimilated to Demacia stylewise I think.
As always I hope you like the look ! :)


Fashion Guru
Not gonna lie, at first glance I thought he was sylvari. Definitely comes across as exotic, not your average human. Fantastic job, I really can't think of anything negative or needing work here.
2016-02-28 1:14

Pretty damn good for a cosplay. And... hey, wait, it's Acethyle. Pure gold! xD
2016-02-28 1:33

Fashion Collector
The only thing that stings my eyes is the chest. The blades differ strikingly from the rest of the armor, although at the same time the chest works rather well with the backpack. Everything else is pretty damn " golden ". A Gold vote well deserved :)
2016-02-28 2:57

Elessar Taralom
I have no clue whatsoever of LOL, but I honestly don't need to
This looks stunning and amazing just how it is, the presentation is flawless and those weapons are sooo perfectly matched!
I am kinda happy that this look cane as a surprise for me now :p
Nice surprise indeed, gold for days ^^
2016-02-28 3:04

i find the sword choice a little out of place though. maybe the shiny glittering whitish gold sword might be better
2016-02-28 3:53

LOVE it!
The colours really fit the demacian style and its so refreshing to see a legpiece like this put into an awesome look!
The screens are perfect as always and the weapons fit the theme perfectly! Even the swords match since they kinda make you look like Garen ;D
So ... since i am a Lux-main ... DEMACIAAAAAAAAA
2016-02-28 4:04

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
love how the screens turned out! u found some really good
2016-02-28 6:03

De La Croix
I like it, perfect dye, but i prefer created my character, bdw golden
2016-02-28 7:11

love that hammer.. amazing armor combination and dyes as always^-^
2016-02-28 8:56

As ALWAYS, gold for you! :D
Personally I would make some little changes like hiding helmet but however it fits ^^
2016-02-28 10:02

Fashion Guru
Very nice! you really get the Demacia feel from the colors and helmet especially :)
It's quite spiky compared to what i normally remember from the Demacian style, but it's different and very interresting.
I still can nothing but love your looks and give you gold as always :D
2016-02-28 11:56

Fashion Guru
Glorious as always! Gold!
2016-02-28 12:18

Very interesting concept! I see Demacia in your look :D
However he's closer to Jarwan then Garem for me, but we are't talking about LoL ^^
I like holy accents- holo and wings elements on armor.
Dark Templar Tassets compared to very embellishment rest of armor seem to be simple.
(I don't mind this, caue I love everything made by you)
Beautiful colors, action screens and hammer, it's my favourite element ^^
Gold for Demacia! :D
2016-02-28 13:45

Fashion Guru
Everything has been already said before! I personally don't have any clue about LoL but nonetheless I enjoy your armour mix and the dyes you chose. It looks so stunning and beautiful and I adore the blue details! Weapons are a match made in heaven for this look and again perfect screens, as always.
Your characters always make me happy! Gold for you :3
2016-02-28 18:46

Stunning eyes. Perfect dyes. Armor fits. Original.
Everything is in order - in order to get ...

... gold!
2016-02-29 9:31

I don't think you have ever done a bad look... All of your looks are amazing, great job again, one more gold for you :)
2016-02-29 12:20

Thanks everyone :)
2016-03-02 14:13

Fashion Collector
Je pensais que tu t'étais inspiré des chevaliers du zodiaque et pas de lol. :3
C'est bô
2016-07-13 19:41

Looking back at this now that I've played League, I appreciate this sooooo much more - and I also realize that a medium armor, female, fair-skinned version of this would be Quinn's spitting image. And I main Quinn, so here, let me get my human and see what I can make... :)
2016-07-31 3:49