The Shaman Prince of Varu-Gazol

By Elessar Taralom on February 26th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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27 3
2 0
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Whispers can be heard about an ancient cult rising to power again. His priests are powerful sorcerers, using dark magic to form the world to their every will. Some say the rise the dunes to aid them, some believe that these evildoers use necromancy to get what they want. Nothing about these creatures is quite certain. Only one thing is known: they stem from an ancient city far beyong the Wastes, long sunken in sand - Varu-Gazol. This name alone is enough to get every nomad shaking with fear. It is rumoured to lay under tons of sand, still pulsing with evil energy.
And from this city, a prince has risen, one of the most powerful men of his craft. A prince of shamans and neromancers, with a burning crown of thorns. Beware, for whoever crosses his path is destined to perish!

I was really eager to share this look with you! I was really intrigued by the crownlike look of this headpiece and I wanted to create a shamanic, evil presence around it. I love how the shoulders and the coat work together, it really looks to me like they belong together. I know there would maybe have been some way to make the dye scheme more interesting, but I really wanted it to resemble fire and desert, so I kinda toned it down a notch.
Yes, I know he has a pouty face :p But I think it also looks regal and sharp, so this is what I went for. I just wish there would be a Sylvari skin colour that is downright sandish and without any hints of green in it, but this is the best I could get, so it´ll have to suffice.
I hope you enjoy the look ^^

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Once again an awesome look with a cool story and perfect screens! Gold for sure :)
2016-02-26 6:39

2016-02-26 7:03

Fashion Guru
What an amazing character and look! Gold and perfect as usual! There is something evil-ish about him, maybe the spiky hair or the use of red colors...Love it and love the screens too!
2016-02-26 7:26

Fashion Guru
Here comes the smoulder! I love his face it's smug and a bit evil and that's a perfect thing to be. I also love his armour and the dyes you used. The "glitch" of the chestpiece into the shoulders is such a cool thing and looks intentionally and not like a bug at all and that is awesome. Also the crownlike headpiece works so well with the whole look especially the dyes are looking so natural and awesome like it's a part of him.
Lovely and beautiful screens as always and you know how much I adore this desert prince x3
2016-02-26 7:43

Pretty unique look and cool screenshots!
I love it :D
2016-02-26 8:31

awesome and unique look *-* sooo gold
2016-02-26 8:43

Bladed Vestments on male character is kinda unique hahaha :D
Desert looks becamed a bit overused, but you give new life to this theme!
Everything fits to concept, great screens, just perfect :)
2016-02-26 9:38

An Elessar upload \o/
And just as expected, super Gold niveau ;D
I LOVE shamanic/ritualistic themes and you nailed it!
Your looks are just so awesome! Keep up the great work ^,^
2016-02-26 10:40

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
damn awesome mate. gold
2016-02-26 10:49

Fashion Guru
Wooooow *-*
The shaman/desert theme is so well executed. I think this look is perfect !
I love the brownish color scheme, the choice of weapons and the armor mix. The combo shoulders/chest is genius!
And his face with the "crown" really adds the final touch to the look!
2016-02-26 11:27

Fashion Guru
Looks AMAZING!! Gold!
2016-02-26 13:27

Fashion Guru
Gorgeous - a well deserved gold!
2016-02-27 8:29

De La Croix
i love how u costomize the face!!!! my silvary is really bad XD, dyes weapon and armor is pure melted gold
2016-02-29 17:49

what a clever way to combine shoulders and top :o
2016-03-23 12:43