By Warrioress on February 25th, 2016
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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6 7
1 0
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Her blood runs like fire even deep in the snowy mountains of her homeland.

Many know this warrior's name though few know her.
Cyane Imara
Some say she is related to the legendary huntress Eir with her fiery hair and headstrong nature, others say she is her lover as they spent many nights hunting together through the Shiverpeak Mountains.
She's if often found hunting Sons of Svanir in her homeland, which she loves deeply, descending upon her prey on silent wings.
On the battlefield you may have seen a bright and deadly flame, never still, consuming all in her path with her powerful tigress at her side, Loza, who's very name means danger.
Proud and fierce with a sharp sense of humor and a subtle cunning given to her by Raven, few dare to woe her and fewer dare to cross her.
But if you are an ally or even a friend you will never know fear, never need to look over your shoulder in the dark of night for she will protect you until her last breath, until her last drop of blood.
Cyane was my first ever gw2 character and is still my favorite and main. She has had 4 main looks since she hit lv80 but this is my favorite by far and always they have included shades of red.
The setting these shots required caused unbelievable lag but it was well worth it.


I like this. Great use of the Ceremonial weapons. Your dye combos could use a bit of work, but it's a gold from me!
2016-02-25 18:53

@KestrelGirl Thank you, i'm glad the weapons go down well, three times of that pvp track had me dead.
I actually agree kinda in the dye front, thing is, i don't have many dyes yet and don't invest in them as money is tight in-game and out. But i cant wait till i have more to experiment with in time.
Thank you so much for the gold! :D
2016-02-25 19:05 in reply to KestrelGirl

Elessar Taralom
Definitely like the combination of coat/legs/boots, it feels very natural and fitting to one another!
While I love your overall dye scheme and how it complements her coppery hair, I feel like a third kinda different accent dye could help making this pop a little
Maybe some goldish dye or smth like Charred?
Nonetheless a really good looking Norn and the screens are nice as well, I love the first one with the tiger!
2016-02-25 19:47

Fashion Guru
Really pretty character! I like the armour mix you made up for her the only tiny complain I have are the shoulders but that is a minor detail and this piece still looks nice on her. The dyes are matching your hair colour I like it though I have to agree with the others that there is something missing in your dye scheme. A nice golden colour would look good on it just to bring out some details and make it a bit more interesting :3 I know the gold- struggle in game though but I am sure you could find a fitting dye!
The wings are looking neat on her and you made some pretty screens as well :3
2016-02-25 19:58

Really nice mix and screens. She is beautiful :)
However I'm not sure about the dye job too. Too much red/orange.
I agree with Elessar and Ana to add some gold. But not something too bright. It could go well with your weapons! Or maybe some brown to match the wings better. Cause I think they look a bit out of place at the moment with your colors. Gold anyway ! :)
2016-02-25 23:03

Thank you all for the lovely comments and votes.
Interestingly I used to have gold in their too but it didn't quite suit her character, maybe it wasn't the right shade. It's great to get feedback from everyone. And thanks for the gold.
2016-02-26 5:39 in reply to Acethyle

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