Cassie Belmont, Young Adventurer

By anarchitect on February 25th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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0 9
1 0
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Though raised as a noble’s daughter in Divinity’s Reach, Cassie Belmont longed for more. Something restless always stirred in her soul, and her eyes were always set elsewhere, towards the mountains’ peaks and deep jungles outside the city’s walls.

Now, that she’s become of age, she has taken to the world with nothing but her bow and her trusty drakehound, Rowdy, to accompany her.


That is the Rascal coat, not Outlaw. Nice job, though!
2016-02-25 17:54

I love your action screens! Also very nice armor combination (some gloves, even very simple would be nice for adventurer :D)
Your dye scheme is very nice, even if you are using basiclly two colors. In this kind of theme you don't need to be colorfull :D
However you should take screens in other place then mist, especially you run traveler theme ^^
Overall very nice look ;)
2016-02-25 17:54

Elessar Taralom
I agree that you should take some more screens in different locations to add to your story better!
Other than that I really like this simple armour combination and the dyes seem carefully chosen, even if they are not too colorful
Really solid character, I like her ^^
2016-02-25 18:22

Fashion Guru
It's a very nice and natural look. I like that it's not too "over the top" (although I love everything shiny xD) and the dyes are also really basic and are looking good on your armour. Love the weapon choice it's simple and perfect for an adventurer but I would love to see some more screens, like morriganiontko said, maybe in some fitting locations?
But overall I like this character and her look :>
2016-02-25 19:53