The Gladiator - Journey to freedom

By Eremite on February 22nd, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Black
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5 7
2 0
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He was, from a young age, captured into slavery. His village pillaged and burnt to the ground by the barbarians from the cold northern lands. Thrown into cages and the gladiator's ring for the amusement of his barbaric captors, his life was a constant struggle.

Years past. And he grew from a scared and weak boy to a strong and determined survivor. Not wanting to remain a slave, he made allies within the ranks of the fellow captives. It wasn't long before they revolted and escaped from the arena. After 3 long days of trekking, they set up camp at an abandoned fort, thinking that they had shaken off their pursuers. But the barbarians caught up with them and in the ensuing struggle, he was separated from his group and escaped alone.

He trekked for days across the northern lands, braving the icy winter and the fierce creatures that inhabit the land. Surviving an encounter with a giant reptilian, thanks to the skills that he had honed in the daily life and death struggles of the gladiator arena.

On the 21st day of his escape, he crested a small rise and behold, a large vessel loomed into view. He approached it warily, but was soon put at ease by the sailors who welcomed him warmly. He now works as a mercenary guard for the vessel.

Heading out aboard the vessel into the vast open ocean, the breeze of freedom blew gently upon his skin...


Fashion Guru
I like your armour combination since I am a huge fan of the Koda shoulders and the Braham armour- set! You created a nice look that fits to the Shiverpeaks- landscapes quite well and I like your dyes although I think that you could have used a third dye since Abyss is really dominating here. Maybe a lighter tone for some small details?
Not a fan of the headpiece only because I think that there are some other pieces that would work way better with your outfit. But I like the weapon choice they are indeed matching the overall look and those screens are well done :3
2016-02-22 6:43

Elessar Taralom
Love the story, love the screens and love the weapons you chose!
The armour reflects very well what you were going for, a real brute!
I agree that you could use a third dye to make your colour scheme a bit more interesting and please drop that ugly helmet, it´s really not needed for your look, looks way better without it
2016-02-22 7:58

I really like it but the helmet ruins everything. Still gold for the cool screens, the mix, and the choice of weapons!
2016-02-22 10:44

Your stories are so cool! They really give life to your characters. Not to mention the armor combo is super cool. I think the helmet is an interesting addition. It feels kind of like a "berserk"-esque demonic powerup. A very cool look!
2016-03-21 12:40

Thank you =)
I will also think about the dye choices for future designs! I've been mainly using abyss for all my designs because...I love black XD
2016-03-22 4:36 in reply to AnaChronism

Thank you =)
I will consider adding more dye options for future works! I like the helmet though XD
2016-03-22 4:37 in reply to Elessar Taralom

Thank you =)
So many ppl dislike the helmet though personally I liked it XD
2016-03-22 4:38 in reply to Acethyle

Thank you! =D
you know me!
2016-03-22 4:39 in reply to Kashoey