Lyn Raven - Lady Reaper

By Darthcookie on February 21st, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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2 6
2 0
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This is my necromancer/reaper Lyn Raven and I gave her a combination of the new guild armor and ascended body and legs.
I gave her new armgear and a new hat and I feel like it is better than before with the feathered headpiece and the winged gloves.
Even if top and bottom are both the acended I really love this combination so if you don't like it - it is your opinion, not mine :)


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2016-02-21 15:51

Elessar Taralom
Great starting point, this is a look where the Hood for once feels like a solid part of the outfit, I like it! Also great dyes, feels very reaper-ish without being too dark
Personally I am not the biggest fan of using coat and leggings from the same set and I do feel that other leggings would help bring your theme across!
Drop the backpiece, as much as I love Tybalt, it feels out of place here and go to some sinister (not necessarily dark, we still want to see your gorgeous character!) places and make some more atmospherical screens and this is a gold look for me ^^
2016-02-21 16:36

Thank you! Well, I really liked the hood but I think the new headpart fits better. Also I tried to find better places for screenshots (but oh well I am not the best photograph so sorry if they don't look as good :x)
And I think about giving her the leystone pants but I have issues with coloring it perfectly (it is either too blue-ish or too green-ish :/)
And I switched the gloves because without the hood they didnt really fit.
2016-02-28 14:17 in reply to Elessar Taralom

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