By Udderdog on February 16th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Green
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Named after the first follower of Grenth.

I wanted a look that tied both the Grenth back-piece and the "of the Sunless" weapons together.


Fashion Guru
Colours are fitting your backpiece and the weapons which are really fitting to the typical necro theme.
I am not a fan of the armour mix tho :/ I don't like the usage of the same armour set for the chest and the legs I think these are the most dominant parts of an armour and it's hard from that point on to create an interesting look. The boots are a no go! This not a winter look and they totally don't belong here and also the shoulders are a bit too boring. You need something that pops out and makes your outfit way more interesting. I like the chestpiece you could try to work out a look around it make a dangerous necro- look! It's simple but it would work together really well with the whole Grenth setting.
I also have to disagree with the gloves since I am pretty sure that there are plenty of other pieces that are better for your look.
The screens are pretty but I would suggest you to pick another of your screens for the title picture, one where people could actually see your character better.
2016-02-23 8:42

Ariel Charming
can you create a toon that looks like the real desmina
2018-08-02 18:46