The God in the Aquatic Ruins

By Elessar Taralom on February 15th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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28 7
2 0
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Old statues and temples reside far below the surface, sunken and forgotten by all of Tyria. No, not by all of them. There is a being that still patrols the sunken remains, that descends once every hundred year to the surface to make sure these old places of worship won´t disappear forever. There might be gates he is guarding, catching the last specs of sunlight from the surface of the sea, a giant gate with ornaments of clams and seahorses all around: his domain where he reigns, the God in the Deep.
He might resemble a Sylvari if you look closely, but he is probably much more than that. While the ocean seems to shimmer on his shoulders and legs he only uses his weapons against those who deserve it. On land he never takes his helmet off, who knows if he can even breathe without it. It won´t be long until this mysterious figure won´t be seen wandering along the shores anymore, but descends again to guard the gate.

After I had so much fun with my seawitch I tried to go with another aquatic Sylvari. I tried to make him look as much as a creature from the ocean as possible, hence the noseless face (because that felt more merman-ish to me). I just loved this helmet, with these finlike appendages it really feels like something aquatic (thanks for Acethyle for making me aware of the great features of this piece!).
I tried to throw in some aspects that almost felt like Greek mythology gods to me and felt he had a very regal, guardlike look to him. In retrospect I kinda wish I would made him another class, because the weapons of an engineer didn´t go 100% with what I had in mind for him, but I still tried to match them up as well as I could.
The bright contrast of his glow and hair is to resemble corals.
I hope you enjoy him, I really get the hang of aquatic Sylvary!

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What an unique look for a sylvari! He really looks interesting and cool, and again I just love the screens!
2016-02-15 8:01

Fashion Guru
Your gallery is amazing! I think I put gold everywhere xD
I love the concepts you have! and the results are so great!
2016-02-15 8:51

Elessar Taralom
Aww, haha, ty, love to read that you like my looks! ^^
2016-02-15 9:07 in reply to RedIvy

Wow woow woow he looks so amazing! The screens are so perfect and beautiful I can't stop watching them :p
The places you have chosen for your screens...What can I say I have no words. It fits perfectly!
As usual I love his story, he really looks like a sea god. I love how you used the zodiac pieces, it really adds something to the armor and makes it look so unique. I love the stones on the boots too!
Female sea goddess and duo look incoming... ;P
2016-02-15 9:15

Fashion Collector
Nice colors and really nice screenshots! Good choice for weapons too :] Gold
2016-02-15 9:17

Fashion Guru
this blue/orange composition is really incredible, nice!
2016-02-15 9:41

Fashion Guru
I love this theme and I loooove the look! This headpiece is working it and the whole amour looks so good on him and represents the theme you were going for. It's a very unique concept and I adore his face, the hair, skin tone and the glowing!
You chose perfect weapons for him and those screens are amazing!
Forever Gold
2016-02-15 10:07

Wow, great screens and great contrast between the armor dyes and the glowing color. Very original idea.
Gold! :)
2016-02-15 11:48

Gold for uniqueness already!
The theme ... omg ... the theme is so damn awesome!!!
He looks SO cool, like Poseidon himself. The colours are on point! And i LOOOOOOVE your screens!!!!!!!!! The locations are SO well chosen, GJ!!!!!!
What else should i say? GOLD
2016-02-15 12:49

This is quite unique :D
2016-02-15 16:17

Oh gosh his face freaks me out :D
So unique theme! Beautiful screens and perfect location.
Very nice armor combination witth so aquatic dyes ^^
Helmet is just like cherry on top! :)
2016-02-15 17:18

Fashion Guru
another awesome job! i love everything!! just beautiful! :D insta gold again for you ^,^
2016-02-17 16:08

Waldemar hat meine Eltern getötet :>
2016-02-17 17:05

De La Croix
so cute noseless face, amazing dye and armor combo look like a triton
2016-02-24 7:53

great use of the helmet, I really love your work!
2016-03-23 12:44

This is perfect :D
That face and that helmet are awesome.
2016-04-11 15:00

The places you chose and the composition complimented everything so well, you've got a great eye for both fashion and screencaps! He looks great :D
2017-02-16 22:21