The Witches of the Moon Coven

By Eremite on February 14th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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I tried re-modelling my witch again after reading the comments on my earlier attempt. Hope it is better this time!

Shunned by society and hunted by men, she was separated from her Coven and forced deep into the underground caverns. Though she has suffered much, she harbors no ill will towards those who misunderstands her kind.
At every full moon, her powers grow strong enough to protect herself and it is then that she heads for the surface to meet with her sisters and share her stories...
Stories of lingering sadness and loneliness...


Fashion Guru
That's so awesome of you that you took the comments and re- thought some armour choices it's something not everyone is doing but I have to say that this one is way better! I think you took the best armour piece of the Ley-Stone- set and combinded it really well with the top piece. The mask you had before was actually a good one but the glowing eyes are fitting as well. I like your shoulders and since I know how difficult it is to get some boots that are not clipping badly into those pants I even agree with these boots you used. The only thing that still bothers me a bit are the dyes. I am digging this dark theme and I like abyss and this red- tone a lot, don't get me wrong, but I think that you could've added maybe some silver to it? Or in general something greyish because it would actually fit quite well to your outfit. But all in all it's a more creative look and you managed to combine different pieces together :)
2016-02-14 7:30

Fashion Collector
Looks pretty nice and much better than the last time. You should have kept demon masque tho... Not that the glowing eyes look bad, but because it was good already and also you have another character which use the same glowing eyes with a similar theme.
Also, as a personal opinion, I don't dig the embroidered sandals. I know it's hard to find a feet piece that doesn't clip with leystone, but I personally dislike this one more than the leystone feet itself. Everytime I see Embroidered, I know that person could have taken Aurora instead which, imo, looks much better.
2016-02-14 9:53

Thank you for the thoughts!
I love the previous demon masque too and I don't know what got into me to change it to a glowing red eyes =(
I'll definitely look to change it back once I get my hands on more transmutation stones!
I love black and red XD so almost all my designs are black red black red. I've taken yours and others advises though and am trying more tones for my recent characters!
2016-03-22 5:07 in reply to AnaChronism

Thank you for the comments!
I love the masque too and think it fits my witch better...will definitely want to change it back to the masque.
I like the pointy shoes though... it kind of screams witch or genie to me XD
2016-03-22 5:08 in reply to Jeknar