Dragon Hunter Engie

By Yoomama on February 12th, 2016
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Gold
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Hello all!
This is my first entry so I hope you like it. My main goal with this build is to make my engineer look completely different from the normal tech style look. I think the colors are really going well with the rifle and the wings.
If you have any any suggestions I would be glad to hear them.


Fashion Guru
I remember you from Fractals not long ago :D
The colors works really well with the effect from The Predator, and I like that you didn't go with a tech look like most others do for engineers.
Head/Shoulders/Gloves works quite well together, and Chest/Legs/Boots aswell, but it feels like 2 completly different and non-matching armor sets to me.
I would personally try to switch out one of those "sets".
On a small side note, try to play a bit with offsetting the camera a little :)
2016-02-12 20:41

Thank you for commenting :)

I'll have that in mind. I have reached my end-game so the only thing for me to do is to make my character look more and more cool, so for the future I'll try some different combinations and see what happens. :)
2016-02-13 3:36

Oh and I forgot to mention, I usually play with different camera setting, but for me to take those screenshots I needed to change it a little.
2016-02-13 3:39

Fashion Guru
fair enough.
btw, i really like the middle screenshot in the top row. your character is not completely dead center, though it's not more offset than it just could be the animation. you can see the effects of The Predator which looks really nice with the colors you've chosen and the environment in the background. and I just like the way she's holding the rifle :)
2016-02-13 7:24 in reply to Yoomama

Love the colours you chose here and the armor combo. You might look into different boots? Maybe ones that complement the heaviness of the shoulders and helmet at the top. Great job!
2016-02-13 9:46

I'll have that in mind :) and thank you for the kind words.
2016-02-13 12:04

nice one :)
2016-02-13 19:04

Thank you:)
2016-02-14 3:40

Love the mid glide screen shot
2016-02-17 7:04

Thank you.
2016-02-17 14:08