Gutsy asuran ranger

By Luxyperkele on February 9th, 2016
Race: Asura
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Brown
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4 2
2 0
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While other longears are having a hissing contest about who has the best golems and biggest words in their research paper, some just gotta go out to poke, bother and befriend drakes, moas and dogs. All for science's sake of course.



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2016-02-09 17:42

Elessar Taralom
I really love this brassy colour scheme you have for the character, her skin and hair included!
The armour combination is very Asura typical, looks nice
I do agree about the blue super weapons feeling a tiny bit off colourwise, but they work so well for Asura, so why change them?
2016-02-10 4:07

absolutely adorable nice use of the SAB weapons
2016-02-11 9:26