[Legendary] Seeping Bifrost

By StackOfCAPS on February 8th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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This is my first time doing this.

I decided to enter into the [Legendary] (look) contest at a chance to see what would happen. I main sylvari elementalist and human thief and so I thought I could make a good dye set and background for what I have, also I have the Bifrost. I'd rather not disclose my character name so for this her name is Khethlii. Lychcroft mere is where I went because I wanted the theme to be about foliage and poisoning/saddening but not corruption. It would be as if the energy of the area is a strong tide against the connection the bifrost has with other world. It turned out, I don't know a lot about colors and correct lighting so it took me a while to get the rightish one. No story; nothing special about me just came from The Grove and mostly reside in Mount Maelstrom.

I hope you enjoy the design.


Fashion Guru
I very much like the armor mix, but the choice of dyes...it doesn't work for me :/ Especiallly mixed with Bifrost. To many colors from completely different hues in my taste.
I don't think the weapon really fits the "poisoning/saddening" theme.
But again, very nice idea for the armor mix!
2016-02-28 7:18