Zvolteh the Half-Brand

By ZvolTx on February 7th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Black
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I recently found the armor combo that 'stuck' for me, and I'm really liking it! The shoulder skin I know is pretty overused but it looked good with him and I needed a way to balance the top because I find Sylvari males to be oddly proportioned in the chest when looked at from the side and the scarf hides it, so it seems to work great.

The armor combo in general I wanted to convey a look that would make him look like he was a skilled and fast fighter with a bit more 'edge' to his look to accentuate the fast and hard hitting nature of the character. The glasses help to show his personality a bit as well, to say that while he may be a excellent and specialized fighter, he also has a designation of class and refinement to him.

Color wise, I used to have him all black, but I found it to be too one dimensional and added some texture to his look with charred and midnight olive to show a bit of natural coloring in addition to his stealthy and sleek black attire.

I hope you like my look! Any suggestions or ideas feel free to tell me, I'm open to hearing others ideas!

Zvolteh is naturally inquisitive Sylvari, who has always found his way into trouble. Perhaps too trusting in nature, Zvolteh ended up getting into many bad situations in his young Sylvari life. One situation in particular had him joining a group of explorers who were keen on venturing to the vast reaches of the Blazeridge Steppes where it was rumored that an ancient and valuable artifact was lost sometime during the wars of the Charr and Humans. Young Zvolteh had no idea of the perils that were prevalent in this far off land of which they were venturing to, and he had no idea just how much more dangerous it would soon become.

Weaving their way through the land, trying to avoid all which may cause them grief such as ogres, devourers and more, they reached the rumored site of the treasure they sought after. It was there, in the Monument Grounds that their lives would be changed (and lost) forever.

Kralkatorrik awakened.
Flying across the land, everything was changing, warping and twisting in front of Zvolteh's very eyes. First the ground at his feet, crystallizing and hardening to what felt like glass. Then it was the plants, getting transformed into crystalline shells of their former selves in a way that was both beautiful and daunting at the same time. What was next to come was horrific. The very company he had spent the last few months with began to turn as well. They too took on the nature of which everything else had become, but they were not frozen still. 'Alive' isn't quite the word Zvolteh would have described them to be, as they were not so much as living as they were a moving incarnation of hatred, pain and corruption.

He felt change in his body and a pounding in his head. He thought that a dragon's corruption would have been a battle between himself and the dragon but he felt as though it were almost as if two separate entities were battling for his mind in that moment. But he would not succumb to that of another on this day. He had already felt the changes happening by the time he was able to push the forces in his head away, but he had gained full control over himself once more.

Zvolteh had grown part crystalline himself, with lightning infused crystals jutting from his back. He had been given power by Kralkatorrik, great power, but he remained true to his own mind.

After those fateful events, Zvolteh has become a traveling mercenary of sorts. He sought out those with similar fates to his - to be faced with the power of a dragon but to overcome its will. Even though he has been partially corrupted, he knows he must still fight against the dragons and their chaotic nature with his band of Half-Corrupts using the power they have been gifted to destroy the very things which gave it to them.


I like how you matched backpack with Bolt.
Also boots and gloves works well with color and details.
Definitely no for Glasses and not sure about Scarf.
Also I'm not sure about Quip. It's a Lege, so shame not use it, but it has funny look doesn't fit to branded theme.
I think you cand add Charred dye to chest or even try with some dark purple one.
Overall.. it's very nice look but in my opinion you cant improve it to be even better :)
2016-02-08 9:20

Thank you for the comment! I updated some things to explain why on a couple of those things, and the color zones on the chest piece I tried to work some other colors into it but it sticks out like a sore thumb :'C

Thanks again though :)
2016-02-08 21:58