The Moa Keeper

By kuroimarzipan on February 7th, 2016
Race: Asura
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Brown
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5 3
1 0
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A rather camouflaged asura eyes you warily as she tends to her flock of moa. Her clothing is all muted greens and brown, and half her height appears to be made up by a tower of dreadlocked hair. She turns around to gaze at you, and after deeming you to not be a threat, returns to tending her moas. You think she may be too occupied to talk to you right now.

Theme song: /watch?v=MjK_AkOfjl0

muted browns, khakis and worn leather for someone that spends entirely too much time outside in the jungle tending to their moas.

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Elessar Taralom
Aw, what a cute idea, I need more pictures of her with moas!! There is a trainer teaching Moas how to dance in Rata Sum btw, she needs to go there!
I really like the natural dye scheme you used and her markings work excellent, those bright eyes peaking out above the mask look extraordinary!
Gold ^^
2016-02-07 8:04

pure gold
2016-02-07 18:33