Barbari/Knighto/Grey Guard Warrior

By Arahmitz on February 5th, 2016
Race: Norn
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
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Well... i still need help with this outfit as i want to look mostly like an old barbarian-like warrior.
What to change?
I really like Arah pants tho :S
What do you think? And most importantly - i need a DYE job :S


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2016-02-05 19:02

Thats like my problem now, i cant find something better.
2016-02-05 19:07

Elessar Taralom
Really natural look that does feel like it could be some NOV bandit chief, fits right in! Dye wise I already like this silvery tone, I'd stay natural and maybe add some dark browns
Personally I am a big fan of the Armageddon boots, so I don't mind them that much, but you could try out Barbaric gloves or the Lawless skins if you want to pay some gems
2016-02-06 2:32

Gotta try the barbaric gloves, and propably some less spiky boots :D also i am still looking for better metalish dark + steelish light dyes than frost and steel as it is now. Also, do you have any idea for getting better straps on armor? Dye wise ofc.
Anyway, thanks for replies!
2016-02-06 8:49

Elessar Taralom
Iron, graphite, silver lead, steel and ash would all be some not too expensive metallic dyes that might not be as blueish as the ones you chose
I like the brown dye you chose for the straps on the top part, makes it look like legitimate leather, maybe it makes a better impression after you changed the metallish dyes
2016-02-06 13:33 in reply to Arahmitz

A nice red would go well with your tattoos, such as Oxblood or Burgundy. A less expensive option could be Brick, Umber, Cinnamon or Heirloom.
A brown could also be used; I'd suggest a ruddy brown like Dark Chocolate to pull the colours together!
Reds, blacks and browns would really complete this look imo.
2016-02-07 7:28