[Legendary] Miss Raven

By Nekami on February 5th, 2016
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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2 4
3 0
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I fell in love with this staff from very first moment and in that moment I knew this coat with painted wings would be perfect.
This ranger travel with herd of ravens, her pet, mini and raven sitting on staff.

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Nice armor combo! If she were a human, I'd recommend the T2 cultural coat, but she's not ;-;
2016-02-05 12:03

With the staff being so natural and everything i dont think that coat fits at all, i get that its used for the wings on the back but the light blue color is just waaay too flashy and out there for me :c
2016-02-05 15:34

Fashion Collector
I like overall idea of the look, but like Johanna said, the light blue from the coat (which seens to me more a match for your hair than for the staff) is a bit excessive, and cannot be helped since that's how this piece works. But I think you can remove some of the attention from it if you swap the colors on your glove (black glove with blue details instead) and add a shoulder piece that follow the same concept as the glove (more black over the blue). Or you can just try to get another chest piece instead, but it would defeat the idea of the black wings from the chest back.
But what I really didn't liked in this one are the boots. If it's not following the chest colors, this boot normally looks weird, but painting it with more light blue will just make it worse. Unfortunely, I can't really think of a boot that would look better (long boots don't look long on norns, and I mostly manipulate human clothing). Maybe viper's if you have it, or some other simple looking boot.
2016-02-05 16:29

Elessar Taralom
While I do like the armour combination overall (it´s refreshing to see a Medium armour look for this staff) I agree with the other about the colours, they could need some reworking
Taking a third dye for accentuating is always a smart move and maybe it would help to take this vibrant blue more as a secondary colour, because now it is quite in your face and that contradicts the natural theme of the staff for me
2016-02-06 7:06

Armor combination should be more natural, maybe try with some TA parts?
Also I would go for tatto to achive more shaman look. Blue hair doesn't help with that.
Wings are ok, fils to the theme. Also agree about dyes- maybe a bit darker blue and I would add some brownish dye to match staff.
Good concept, but I'm sure you can improve it :)
2016-02-06 7:38