Seawitch - Risen from the Deep

By Elessar Taralom on February 5th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
Vote Breakdown
43 7
2 0
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Something has risen from the bottom of the sea and she is bringing Krait and pestilence with her. With a hissed cursed from her lips whole villages are rotting away and Kraits will slither through the streets and enslave everyone they encounter. Through the magic of her illusions this sorceress managed to grasp an army of Krait and submit them to her will. When the goals of the Nightmare Court didn´t quite fit her diabolic standards anymore, this creature descended to the bottom of the sea, where the corals and seaweed embraced her and taught her powerful spells. Now she is back on the surface to rain destruction and chaos from her Krait pillar. Surely she is most dangerous when encountered in water, but counting on her weakness on land would be a silly mistake....
What she brought with her from the bottom of the ocean seems likes rubbish and trash, rotten pieces of sharks and moldy spears, but when she wields Carcharias to go hunting with it, no fish (or disobedient citizen) will go unharmed.

EDIT: She is now an entry for the Legendary Contest.
My second entry for the Legendary Contest based on the legendary spear Kamohoali'i Kotaki. I don´t own the legendary yet, but provided the pre for the screens which already looks fairly close to the endresult.

I lately remade my mesmer and the results turned out better than expected. I wanted to create a regal witch, something related to the underwater legendaries (or at least their pres) and with a challenging dye scheme since all my other Sylvari are more or less monochrome. Cultural pieces were used to indicate seaweed and corals and I tried to find weapons that looked like they were from the bottom of the sea.
Screening wasn´t not the most fun I ever had, because Orr just wants to kill you in its entirety and the Krait also were very keen on bringing me down, but I think the results were worth it!
Let me know what you think about her ^^
(A full gallery with her screens can be found at

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Really interesting and unique theme! Armour and dyes are fitting perfectly as always and of course amazing screens :D
2016-02-05 4:50

Fashion Guru
woooooow, omg, this is so incredibly awesome, so creative and these screens!
2016-02-05 5:11

Fashion Guru
What a beautiful and fearsome witch! Her armour is stunning, from head to toe she looks goregeous and perfect. I love this interesting and really cool choice of colours which are fitting to her hair, skin tone and the glowing :3
The screens are as always amazing, both of the underwater weapons are truely made for her and I think she is worth contesting and winning the Legendary Contest, just give it a try!
2016-02-05 5:18

Fashion Guru
Yes, the screens are fantastic! And really nice dye job :)
2016-02-05 6:08

Very nice colors, reminds me of my ele.
2016-02-05 6:55

Fashion Collector
-- Comment has been removed --
2016-02-05 7:28

Elessar Taralom
ty so much! I was really inspired by some of your tropical/mermaid-ish sylvari looks to try one of my own!
2016-02-05 7:42 in reply to Billy

i completely love it! :) the colors are well chosen and everyhing fits very nicely! :)
2016-02-05 7:43

duck face :o)
2016-02-05 8:14

Fashion Guru
Here she is! :p
I love her so much! Amazing colors, amazing screens, amazing concept, amazing glow, amazing choice of weapons.. ! Everything's perfect ! She really looks like she's coming from the bottom of the sea :)
I think she should enter the contest aswell!
Gooooold ! :D
2016-02-05 9:39

Fashion Collector
Concept, armor choice, colors. Everything about this looks really nice to me. The underwater weapons don't get much love, but with this look they surely will take you far in the contest.
While I'm not a big fan of the pearl weapons (the staff in this case) it's fitting to the theme so I won't vote down just because of it. But I surely belive there might be other staff out there that can fill that slot.
2016-02-05 10:31

Elessar Taralom
Haha, yeah, I usually also despise the Pearl weapons xD
There were some more expensive skins (and the Gorseval staff), but to be honest I didn´t want to spend that much gold on a staff for a mesmer ^^"
Ty for the super kind words though!
2016-02-05 10:35 in reply to Jeknar

Awesome! Though you could always use more Orrian weapons.
2016-02-05 12:08

Elessar Taralom
I might consider it for pistol or staff ^^ Most of them look a bit dull sadly, not as cool as the Greatsword :/
2016-02-05 12:14 in reply to KestrelGirl

Such a great concept :O
She really looks like she comes from underwater. The orange colour resembles the corals you have in the first screen, its brilliant!
The weapons match PERFECTLY and the underwater precursors look right at home! And the screens are absolutely amazing!!!!!! Its so refreshing to see nice underwater screens ^,^
You have become one of my absolute favorite stylists here, you always have wonderful creations! Keep up the good work and ill continue my Gold votes ;D
2016-02-05 12:22

Elessar Taralom
Omg thank you so much, that really means a lot to me coming from you! I feel honoured!
2016-02-05 12:32 in reply to Hylek

This is creative! Awesome mixture of colours and skins! :)
2016-02-05 14:47

Interesting :)
2016-02-05 15:27

I have never seen that sylvari face put to good use until know you killed it gj
2016-02-05 23:15

Fashion Guru
This is really beautiful. We need some underwater zones for farming, so everyone could see underwater legendary weapons. :) Gold!
2016-02-06 3:44

Elessar Taralom
Thank you! And yeah, so true, it´s really sad that they are reducing the underwater content so much, the underwater legendaries are so lovely!
2016-02-06 6:55 in reply to Exitus_Letalis

You gave lots of love to underwater weapons!
I agree with everyone above- each your look is a masterpiece, you are one of best stylist and tnie entry is jest PERFECT.
She looks like underwater witch, a bit stary but absolutely amazing.
Everything is thought and well executed. Can't wiat for next one! :)
2016-02-06 7:30

Fashion Guru
Somehow looks familliar ^^
Personally not the biggest fan of the shield, I think Orrian Shield might fit better.
Obviously like the the color shceme, and the underwater style :)
2016-02-08 6:27

Fashion Guru
Very original character! I love her hair and the use of dyes! And as always, nice screens!
2016-02-15 8:49

I've been meaning to comment on this look so here I am XD.

What I love about this look is that it is such a great example of your signature style: versatile, playful and unique. The idea of an underwater Sylvari is well-executed here, especially with the color scheme. Gold! :)
2016-02-15 21:09

how does one come up with great stuff like this?!?! the screens blew me AWAY
2016-03-23 12:46

Skyr Dreymi
Oh! My! Lyssa! The colours, THE GLOW, the armour, the theme!!! The primitive chestwraps were put to use in such an original way, I looove it!!??Hope to have the honour to meet her in game one day
2017-06-28 11:41

i really love this look! and the screens are amazing!
2017-07-23 15:47