Chilbi Stormhunter

By G74menes on February 1st, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Purple
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My second contest submission for /r/GuildWarsDyeJob's Legendary Look Fashion Contest (

I couldn't add the new Branded Backpiece [&AgF4LwEA] wich I farmed for all week for this look :D

English is my second language so please be easy on me for any mistake I might have done.

When you reach a *number* stop reading and look at the picture on the position of mentioned number. (The main picture is not counting towards the story based ones)

What are you looking at?
You want to know who I am?
Some people call me a Skypirate. I prefer Stormhunter.

Mother always told me my dream was one of the rare kind. All I can remember are fragments of me looking down on Tyria from above, flying through the sky and feeling the wind on my face. *2*
At first i wasn't sure what the future holds for me. The Pale Tree only spoke in riddles:"your destiny is yours to choose." Thanks for the help...


The sky is beautiful tonight, isn't it? Sorry, I got carried away... *3*

Where was I? Ah yes, destiny... Not knowing what my Wyld Hunt demanded from me, I travled Tyria. That's when I met the Asura. Strange creatures who always look down on people clearly taller than themselves. Curious like I was, I listened to everything they got to say. I got introduced to Councillor Phlunt, one of a kind. *4* Easily influenceable like I was at that time he talked me into hiring on his crew he was recruiting.
As I took my first step onto his airship I collapsed. After waking up a couple minutes later, I felt the wind on my skin and running through my hair. An asuran crew mate asked if i was holding together but i never felt more alive! My Wyld Hunt, finally, clearer then ever. I found where I belong. *5*
Later that the day the captain approached me and revealed why Phlunt wanted me on his ship in the first place. Rata Sum is fighting an energy crisis. Our mission is to fly all the way to Ascalon, into the Blazeridge Steppes and gather energy from the raging storms that torments the landscape. I was told Sylvari like myself are more resistant to lightning and the corruption from the Elder Dragons then all the other tyrian races.
After reaching our destination the crew buckled a strange crystal device onto my back, which will, so they told me, absorb the energy out of the air, gave me a glider and kicked over the railing. I heard someone shouting "Aim for the Clouds!" as I opened my new "Wings" and started gliding towards the darkness which periodically got lightened up with loud cracks of a discharging lightning. *6*
It felt like hours, just gliding towards an enormous danger but then all of a sudden the lightning hit me. It was a strange mixture of pleasure and pain as the sheer force of nature pulsed through my body. As I got back to the ground my ears started working again and I detected cheering behind me. After turning around I saw the small Asura running, as fast as someone of their height could manage, towards me. I got back up on my feet and smiled.
The first crew mate who reached me ignored my attempts of communication completly, turned me around and started fumbling on my back. He detached the device of me and got hailed like a hero who went through extreme danger. I didn't care. Now I knew I was needed and not easy to be exchanged. With my new confidence I approached Phlunt again and managed to get my own crew and way better payment.
Things are great ever since. *7*

But let me tell you one thing before you leave:

Do not fly too high or the dragon's corruption will consume you! *8*


Elessar Taralom
this is such a cool concept, I love the screens especially, they capture her story so well! It is obvious that you invested a lot of thought into this ^^
The screen with the glider is just epic!
2016-02-01 19:27

This is intriguing to say the least. Not only because of the concept but the whole story in itself and telling it through screenshots is rather brilliant.
I didn't expect anyone to make use of the Branded backpiece this quickly! Also one of the few times I've seen the Adventurer's Mantle being incorporated so well.
Fantastic! I hope you score big in the contest.
2016-02-01 21:25

This is truly original! Great story and screens! :)
2016-02-05 14:45