Not so noble Canthan

By Buczek on January 31st, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Blue
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2 9
1 0
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He is Canthan. He's name is Tkahiro Oni. Although he was born noble, his nobility as a character is non-existent. It was shoved among his cynical blabbermouth trait, he doesn't mind getting dirty and is a walking library of inappropriate jokes.
As can be seen:
- He pretends to humbly serve Queen Jennah. In reality he's just trying to get some well coined commission.
- He pretends to obey the law and makes Logan think he is his best friend, to avoid getting in trouble.
- He likes to mock statues.
- He has some feels though (surprisingly): enjoys night views of cities and lone night walks.
- Despite his joker character he is a pretty skillful swordsman and knows some magic tricks.

Armor: I tried to make it as varied as possible but if I didn't keep Exalted Coat and Leggings together it was impossible to match with something else. Shoulders and boots were easier to match where gloves don't really matter since you can't see them fully so there is only a question if you want whole gloves or ones where you can see hand or fingers. Also, I tried to make him look rich and noble-like, more like noble-wannabe, because he is normally broke all the time, and I'm sure these clothes are stolen anyway. But oh well, I let him have them this time. He was born as a noble after all. As of colors: Originally he was Regal/White where I replaced white with Shadow Magenta. I found white too flashy and also 90% of other light armors have some white in them. I chose Shadow Magenta because it gives nice purple shadow. Regal + Gold + Purple are royal colors nicely representing nobility. That's why the choice. As of weapons Rapier was a perfect choice and indisputable accessory for a nobility. Knowledge Is Power also adds to intelligent and rich look. Monsoon on the other hand nicely matched blue and gold tints, is not too flashy and slim.


Elessar Taralom
Almost feels a bit like Dorian from Dragon Age! I like the combination of the blue and purple ^^
2016-01-31 15:26

love it! the Story is awesome.
2016-01-31 17:43

Very nice noble look, I really like dye job :)
2016-01-31 20:45

He looks a lot like Dorian from Dragon Age indeed! My fangirl cannot handle that~~

Great dye combination
2016-02-01 6:43

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