Florent the Wandering Bard

By Elessar Taralom on January 26th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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38 5
2 0
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This is my entry for /r/GuildWarsDyeJob's Legendary Look Fashion Contest (https://www.reddit.com/r/GuildWarsDyeJob/comments/40pjre/).
So if you enjoyed this look it´d be great if you could quickly head over to his reddit entry and give him an upvote ^^

"Since he grew up as an orphan in the streets of Divinity´s Reach, Florent always had one dream, something that kept his spirits up during hard winters and long nights: becoming a bard. Despite being incredibly poor he also had something else keeping him from starting his career. Florent just couldn´t sing or play an instrument. His heart and soul were in his music, but his audience couldn´t bear his terrible attempts at singing for more than a few minutes. You might say he wasn´t off to a good start.

But one day his fate was going to change. Inspired by the tales and songs he kept so dearly in his heart, he decided to start an adventure, a noble quest that would bring him glory and some good ideas for his songs. Needless to say Florent was as much of an adventurer as he was a musician. His heart and soul were in the project, but he was just simply not good at it. The poor guy got robbed a few days after he started his journey, got chased by a bear and nearly drowned, when he had to fight off a female drake. Somehow he managed to get to the Almuten Mansion. Dead tired and with only a few copper left he set camp outside a mansion, next to a little group of circus people and travelling journeymen, one of whom sold magical instruments (so he claimed).
In the very back of the crammed little tent Florent found a harp, so curiously looking that he couldn´t take his eyes off of it. Even though he didn´t have enough gold to purchase the harp, the vendor felt so sorry for Florent and his awful voice that he let him keep the instrument.

And what a magical harp indeed! "The Minstrel" as Florent soon called his new possession, wasn´t such a hoax after all. Indeed, everyone suddenly seemed to love his singing and music-making! Full of hope he returned to Divinity´s Reach, hoping with his new powers he could even get an audience with Queen Jenna."

I wanted to creat a fun little look around the Minstrel, since it was one of my first legendaries and I rarely see this legendary in game. I tried to go with some kind of bard/jester theme to perfectly match the focus. I tried to tell his story in the screens as well as much as I was able to.
I hope you enjoy him as much as I do ^^

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What an awesome story and perfectly fitting screens to that :D Also amazing good looking bard-outfit fitting the legendary just perfectly :) I like it!
2016-01-26 8:29

You got my heart! Amazing urban climate of screens, vibrant colors and perfect armor combination.
I like how you play around The Minstrel :)
2016-01-26 8:35

Fashion Guru
D'awww I loooove the whole concept! It's such a wonderful look, the dyes are on point and fits perfectly to your leggy and since it's one of my favourites I cannot not love it! You managed to find the right and perfect armour pieces to create an authentic and good looking bard- outfit which is really great. x3 Those screens are beautiful and fun, especially those with Queen Jennah!
I enjoyed reading his fun (and a bit sad) story and overall I adore this character a lot
2016-01-26 8:42

Fashion Guru
such a great concept and what a heartwarming story!
2016-01-26 10:06

Awesome look! Very fitting with your legendary and very nice and funny story.
I love the colors and the screens too. I hope you will win, you deserve it!
2016-01-26 11:55

Elessar Taralom
Awww, omg, ty so much ; ; But there is some really tough competition, I saw such great looks already
2016-01-26 12:10 in reply to Acethyle

2016-01-26 14:49

Awesome back story, the work you put in everything really deserves high votings.
Alot of good screens come with them again and they all look good and entertaining (I can see whats happening there Queen Jenna xD).
All in all armor looks good with good combination in dyes, yep its gold for me. :)
2016-01-26 15:49

Omg this is ADORABLE, from the look right through to the backstory.- it's all really well put together, and the dyes are gorgeous. And the screens! It's one of my favorite entries by far. Have all of the gold!
2016-01-26 18:12

Elessar Taralom
yay, ty, that is awesome to hear! I was tempted to write even more backstory, but I didn´t want to exaggerate :´D
2016-01-26 18:37 in reply to endelliel

You're really good, aren't you? What a fantastic idea! :P
2016-02-06 20:21

Just, damn. :))
2016-03-02 12:43

okay, but did this win though? :O it should have!
2016-03-23 12:48

I like it!
2017-03-13 21:17