The power of elegance

By Becii on January 25th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
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4 3
5 1
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SInce ever i wanted to have Sunrise for my Warrior in Summer 2013 my wish came true and I built it. I love to have my Warrior full armored but since she has such a nice face and hair I dont show the helmet(and there are hardly nice ones there anyway xD).

I hope u guys like my armormix i did not edit a long time now, first she had a slightly diff mix. ^^

Oh and btw this is my first entry for the Legendary Fashoin Contest from DyeJob, make sure do visit the site and have a look on all the nice entries there!
(the 2nd one of the doubled Pic is without GemFx)

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I feel this look has potential, but falls short in a lot of aspects. The incorporation of a winged motif into your armor was a nice touch, but beyond that, you've done near nothing to differentiate from your other look using a similar theme.

The look itself feels very low effort. The Phalanx Boots/Aetherblade Pants is a combination that is so very much so overdone.

Your dyes were a good start, but you're severely restricting your palette just by using two colors. Although white and gold is a very fitting combo with Sunrise, it's one step away from being a basic white. This compared with the filters from the screenshots make the look feel very washed out. Perhaps try to work with the other colors sunrise has, such as peach/light blue/pink. You could also try to incorporate the alternate colors from your Light of Dwayna backpiece.
2016-01-25 21:10

Fashion Guru
I'll agree with SIG, it's got a nice theme but could use some adjustment to make it great.
Don't be afraid to mix in a third color to complement the white and gold, like a pastel blue (which could match both the backpiece and Sunrise if chosen right) on the legs and/or fabric on the shoulders.
2016-01-25 23:47

Fashion Guru
I never wanted to do sth diffrent and since I was one of the first ever using this combo I will not change anything just coz so many others used it aswell. I like the colortheme as it is and since i dont like peach or sth i will never use this here. like once again i did not do this mix extra fpr the contest i have this for years ;)

but thx for makin up ur mind :>
2016-01-26 4:32 in reply to SIGfigures

Fashion Guru
i dont get it why ppl need so much diff colors.. its the simplicity wich makes this look awesome in my opinion. and i dont use a blue coz it would be too much trust me ;)
2016-01-26 4:35 in reply to Tetrama

First: adding peach/light blue/pink dyes is easy while we are talking about light or even medium looks. In my opinion pink cheastpiece or heavy boots wouldn't look as good as white/silver/metalic one. I'm pretty sure any different color would look like plastic. Also is hard to make interesting dye job while you have only two dyable slots.
Second: is really hard to find good looking female heavy armor , so if you don't wanna look like a big tin you have really small variations of armor parts, ergo they are overused, but it isn't anything bad, so what?
Third: main theme is Sunrie, so screens with practically no background, only with legendary effects are very interesting and focused on theme. However in my opinion sky background would be even better then sands ;)
I like your look. Is very feminine and subtle as a heavy look. Also everything fits for Sunrise and you like it- that's most important :)
2016-02-01 10:39

Fashion Guru
Ty for ur constructive comment, i'm not sure bout the sky as a background coz u wont see the blue streaks as good :D like it is in the one where she jumps ^^
2016-02-01 15:57 in reply to morriganiontko