Illusion of Glint

By Gemrah on January 24th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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Got my Glint shield, wanted to show it off a bit! Might change up the dyes eventually... but I'm enjoying them for now.


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2016-01-24 17:00

Ehh... you show off ;D hehe. Nah the dyes look great and i love how dye on leggings are matching glint's shield and making them look a bit glassy. What i don't like is too many carapace pieces. Swap chest piece and gloves for something else and make it look more interesting :) Also few more screens wouldn't hurt hehe.. Keep up the good work ;)
2016-01-24 17:03

Elessar Taralom
I agree about the carapace pieces, but the dyes are just superb and so on point, amazing job!
the first two screens also look so interesting, I wish there were more ^^
2016-01-24 17:04

Thank you all! I think I will eventually swap to the Incarnate top and the feathered gloves :)
2016-01-24 17:12

Maybe try Aurora top .. i would much more pleased to see that the top part isn't that revealing and still keeping it sexy and sorcerer's gloves to make it up to the missing gold parts above the waist.
2016-01-24 17:22 in reply to Gemrah

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