Carved Enchanter

By enayla on January 20th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Purple
Vote Breakdown
9 8
4 0
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This look was built around the Bifrost and Leystone Vestments and matches their color, texture, and intricate design. I tried to find pieces that had the feel of carved and engraved stone (and couldn't resist throwing in as many glowy bits as possible!).


WOW!! I loved the Leystone top already... this just made it better.
2016-01-20 18:24

Elessar Taralom
awww, such cool colours and I actually like how you used the gloves here and I think that is the first time I actually like the use of these!
the screens are just killer, that is an easy gold!
2016-01-20 18:49

I like how Leystone Cowl and Scarlet's Spaulders works togehter!
Colors are so vibrant and look is very unique-
well done, gold :)
2016-01-21 6:34

I'm not a fan of Zodiac armors but on your charakter they looks really cool! :3 I alos love how crown matches shoulder pieces x3
2016-01-21 15:59

Fashion Guru
Wow!! I love it
2016-01-25 15:00

This is truly a beautiful outfit, I'm a big fan of lighter colors so this is a killer!
2017-12-30 6:35

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