I See Dead People, But I'm Innocent!

By Miabby on January 17th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Red
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1 5
3 0
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(lame look name, I know)

A few months ago I made this character for the sole purpose because I wanted a character to switch light armor pieces and colors on for cosplay. However, while I was lvling her, I just fell in love with the Necromancer class. Now that HoT came out, I really wanted to get the Reaper specialisation (don't have it yet, almost there though), and play on my necro again.

I mixed and matched quite some things together in order to be a bit original and creative, but I think it could be improved further.

Using the 'pre' of the Bo staff on this character, because I love how it is just a stick until you actually use it in combat and it becomes a scythe! It's like magic~

I'm not too fond about my axe and dagger skin, but sadly I don't have anything better. Perhaps someone has an idea?


I actually like the dagger skin. My only suggestion would be a bit more stunning screenshots and more colorful dyes.
2016-01-17 12:46

Elessar Taralom
I can see some great stuff in this look already, for example I like where you are heading with the dyes and the scar, I would maybe try to focus on this more "badass" look and change the top piece and the boots to match that
because now she is a bit stuck between girly and badass and it feels a bit directionless
2016-01-17 20:21

Thank you two for the fast replies on my new look!

@Elessar I will look into it for some different tops and shoes that might make it a bit more badass. Sadly the pants have clipping whenever I use longer boots so I settled with these boots instead.
2016-01-18 6:21

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