Nightmare Reaper

By Shineira on January 14th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Green
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8 11
1 0
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This is my Sylvari Necromancer Anayathe.
I made her 2 weeks after launch and she is one of my favourite characters.


As a young sapling she was lured away from the safety of the Grove by an aspiring Nightmare Courtier. The horrors inflicted on her during her time in captivity caused her to lose her connection to the Dream.
When Wardens attacked the camp, Anyathe managed to escape in the ensuing confusion.

After a long recovery, she's going after every Nightmare Court camp she can find in hopes of saving other captives before they are forced to convert.
And if she is too late for that; to take revenge for every Sylvari who had the Nightmare forced upon them.

EDIT: added pictures with Leyline Shoulders that I had hidden for the people who cannot stand the thought of a character without pauldrons x'D

The reason why I prefer not to use shoulders on her is because she spends 90% of her combat-time in Reaper Shroud and that adds the feathery pauldrons already. If you have your own shoulders + Reapershroud feathers it tends to look either very clunky or weird or it clips to all hell.


Elessar Taralom
I think you could find fitting shoulders, other than that a really solid look, very Necromancer-ish!
2016-01-14 6:12

I really like that look^^ Matching dyes to the staff, good looking armour... guild pants *-* I´m so jealous! And also nice screens :) Only question: Why no shoulders? :D
2016-01-14 6:15

Amazing armour mix, just amazing! Colors and hairstyle very well fitting, and use of dreamthistle weapons is really good - they rarely look amazing and you managed to make them look so
2016-01-14 7:02

I like her very much, nice story btw!
The dyes work perfect with her skin and hair and the armor is great. I can understand why you did'n use a shoulder, in some outfits it looks better without one. However, since she is a necro you could try the primitive mantle, which would add a nice little necro-accent :)
2016-01-14 9:58