Yeilden, The Roaming Conquerer

By Ramoach on January 7th, 2016
Race: Norn
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Black
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Hi there,
This is my first ever submission here and I'm excited to show you all my battle-brother, Yielden!

Kept it simple with Abyss as the base colour and then some Black Cherry thrown in to accent.


Head - Glint's Gaze mask
Shoulders - Glorious Pauldrons
Chest - Barbaric Coat
Arms - Glorious Gauntlets
Legs - Stag Chausses
Feet - Stag Greaves

I will continue to post images as the look evolves and will aim to incorporate your feedback. Feel free to add me in game also @ Blackwind.7051


Fashion Guru
I like the way your tattoos are showing.
Your Headpiece and weapon stands a bit out i think.
Guessing you don't have the Red version, i would probably prefer the headpiece hidden.
A few more screenshots wouldn't hurt either.
2016-01-08 3:03

The tattoos look super awesome with the comb and colours!
I totally agree with Roamin! The mask looks a bit off (at least colour-wise) and the sword doesnt fit too well either.
I think boots could also be changed, but thats just a small thing, they fit quite well actually.
And last but not least, more screens!!!!!!! ^^
2016-01-08 10:13

Elessar Taralom
some more screens and maybe a third dye for a bit more diversity and I am happy ^^
2016-01-08 15:02

Thanks for the feedback guys! Will definitely take your opinions into consideration and revise this look to be more consistent. Happy accessorizing! lol
2016-01-08 20:29

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2016-01-08 20:58

I'm posting pics of the evolved look now, but as it is now quite different from the original, should I submit it as new, or replace the original pics with the new ones? Cheers
2016-01-08 22:09

defintiely prefer the newer look, although you could replace the gold with a dark silver colour to experiment and see if you like it. :)
2016-02-08 15:03