This post will serve as a place for people to share their suggestions for the site. If there is something you would like to see changed, leave a comment below and we will consider your idea!

There is one thing that,- wouldn't say bugs me, but it,- has me twirling in circles ever since I joined and that would be the comment section. Now I love that people can leave a comment, but I'm lacking the final push towards it being more interactive between users.

When you receive a comment upon one of your looks you get a message signal and you can see what people wrote. Now I noticed that some people reply to this (myself included), but generally the commenters have already moved on and not many look back. (and even if they do, it's more of a waiting game to see if or when the creator responds) What I would love to have is next to the receiving a comment notification, the option that allowes you to 'ping' a person back so that they receive a notification that you reacted upon them or they upon your comment on their look. (Heck maybe you can only do it if you're mutual friends with each other)

That or a general forum so that there is more of a community feel. (This is why I liked the idea of the in-game guild, you can have more interactions and discussions with people without having to scroll through several pages to find back the look you commented on.)

I hope this helps and makes sense ^^''

Kind regards,
2015-10-14 16:55

Fashion Police
So, of course you're right about the comment system. The issue is not that I don't want to improve it, its just that finding a way to improve it that doesn't crush the site's performance has been... challenging, to say the least. I've been thinking about it again and I have another idea to try. Actually, I'm pretty excited about it, so I'm going to try it right away. Fingers crossed!
2015-10-15 4:04

I think edits to existing Looks should be reposted or bumped up as a new "Recent Look" so people are discouraged from creating new looks for different versions of the same combination of clothes :P
2015-10-21 7:13

Fashion Police
I've thought about this one, but then it becomes too easy to 'bump' your look to the front page by making a small change!
2015-10-23 7:53

Will there be an option to select glider, mini or other customization options?
2015-11-06 15:20

Fashion Police
Minipets and back pieces can already be added the same way you add weapons.

With glider skins, how important is the dye selection on them? Would it be enough to add them to the accessories list or would it be better to add them to the armor table so dyes can be displayed?

What other customization options do you want to see?
2015-11-07 4:33

First Style Supporter
Also, I don't think the item database has been updated in quite a while. I left you some $ so you can do it. And, Yes I would do glider skins with color options.
2015-11-08 15:32

I apologize for making this so long and winded, but upon frequenting this site, I've come up with a few ideas and suggestions could make things a bit more community-friendly. I've posted in the medal voting suggestions blog, so I'll repeat what I said there, with a few variations, of course.

I've noticed a string of users leaving very positive comments, yet giving low ratings, along with leaving low ratings with no comments. I understand you have it flagged so that no-medal ratings require a comment, along with some bronze ratings, and I feel that this cut-off is too low. Personally, I feel that ALL ratings should be flagged for a comment, but if this is too much, the bronze and lower comments can be flagged. Leaving no feedback, or even worse, false feedback isn't supportive or constructive at all. Also, others leave increasingly vague comments on "how" a look is good without going into details as to "why" they believe so. This community really needs to speak up about their reasons for liking or disliking a look, and not just say that they do. When posting a look it'd be nice to know "what" you did right or wrong so that you can either improve on it or continue with what's been effective.

A solution to the above problem would be to perhaps tie a User's vote to their comment, much like how Tumblr does their like/reblog system. Although this may lead to no one voting badly for fear of reprisal, it may also lead to more in-depth commentary and negative constructive criticism, which this website seems to be severely lacking.

In relation to medal voting and commentating, another thing I've noticed is the community on this website seems to be biased towards a small number of popular users, yet overlook the newer users attempting to share their looks. For example, I see this exemplified in the comment strings: Popular users receive many positive votes and comments, whereas the newer users will see neither, or worse, a combination of positive commentary to disguise bad ratings.

A solution to this, would be to displace the poster's username far below the description/screenshot until the entirety of the look has been reviewed. This way, users can review and critique a look impartially before voting or commenting.

I also believe that newer users should be required to see the 'About GW2Style' page. Even I, as a user that's been here for a couple of years, have just recently stumbled upon these few pages of invaluable information. The 'About GW2Style' page highlights many things newer users can take note of, most notably, the Voting System, and Look Requirements. If possible, I think it would be beneficial if once an account was created, it would default to that page so that a user may read the guidelines, etc.

I have been browsing Look Battles recently, and one prominent issue I have with the system, is that a lot of the looks posted are very dissonant and difficult to judge based on the screenshots users have submitted. The looks are often awkward, ambiguous, or obscuring. Oftentimes, this can be seen in not only filters but also in overly bright or dark backgrounds and flashy or loud skill effects. Other times it manifests when the User has positioned their character in a strange position, such that the character is only seen from behind, in mid-animation, from very far away or even from very up-close and cropped, not allowing one to see the entirety of the look. Obstacles like these make it difficult to discern armor pieces, dye composition, and even originality.

A solution for the Look Battles problem, would be to encourage users to wholly show their look on a neutral background in a neutral stance, such that no effects or animations are obscuring the character's appearance. This way, someone voting in the Look Battles, can reliably judge that character's appearance for it's worth and not the effects adorning it.

I understand that adding filters, textures, and add-ons to a Look Battle screenshot is against site rules. However, I have encountered many such looks on the Look Battles with these modifiers yet they are still allowed a place on the Leaderboards. I recognize that a report function exists to address such issues but the report function only exists to declare an image inappropriate and doesn't offer an option for a reason as to why someone is reporting.
2016-03-04 22:47

Fashion Collector
I'd like to make a request about the site. To vote should be attached forcedly with writting a comment about WHY are you voting this way. It's annoying and frustrating to see silver and bronze medals without giving a reason to looks that get a lot of positive comments and gold medals.
2016-04-12 9:52

I can relate to the issues SIGfigures and Cambeleg have mentioned about WHY people voted like they did. Maybe if voting wasn't anonymous people would be encouraged to justify a "bad" voting... just an idea :)

Also I agree with SIGfigures about look battles. It's hard to vote, if you can't see the character right. Maybe a restriction for look battles could be, that the character has to be fully seen in the screens and not being hidden by effects...
2016-04-14 7:32

I guess it would be nice that when you are previewing a look, the armor, dyes and medals stay just under the main image, next to the weapons, minipets and such, so it shows bigger. I know that if you press on it you see it bigger but I guess that it can be improved :)
2016-06-08 8:07

Shaman Crinitus
It would be nice if people were forced to comment for anything lower than Gold - and if they deleted their comment, their vote should also be removed. I'm noticing an effect where a lot of looks full of commentors that say "gold" are stuck at silver average because of silent people voting it lower without giving any feedback of any kind. A submission with all "I voted gold" comments should be gold, and that's that.

In other words, there's prejudice going on, and clique mentality, but the people participating in it won't come forward to say so in a comment. This website is supposed to serve as a hub for fashion, not snobby guild cliques.
2016-10-17 20:43

Fashion Guru
The site could really need some improvements.
Textwall incoming:

Firstly, as some comments mentioned above, the rating system should be overhauled. Not completely, but maybe put something like a lock on the sliders until someoen commented. And under the comment or on the side of it, display what they voted for.
This will not hinder people saying "I love this" from voting bronze, but at least you can see it's a troll.

Maybe you can evn limit the amount of bronzes an upload can get without proper comments from the people that vote bronze.
This would not necessarily boost "bad" uploads, as they could just get that maximum amount of bronze and no more ratings so they stay bronze for as long as they don't update it to something better.
Same goes for the good uploads, they might be "easier" to obtain a gold but if people vote gold to an upload/style then it probably is good.
This just came to my mind because someone on this page told me he is getting "harrassed" with bronze votes for no reason, and it is literally only him. I rarely see so many bronze votes on a gold-worthy look.

Also, seeing as a lot of new people to the site upload looks without knowing how to make a proper upload, maybe you should make them have to tick some kind of information page with "I read this" so they get some idea of how to do proper uploads.
2016-10-28 12:19

Fashion Guru
You are prob already working on it but since we got alot of infusions which influence the appearance it would be nice to be able to select them aswell like weapons etc. :3
2017-01-05 5:18

Fashion Guru
Would it be possible to make an hideoption? so only ppl with the link can see a look? since I like to share my looks here with friends who are not active here, but there are some looks not need to be seen by other ppl from this side
2017-03-03 7:24

None of your preview codes work.

They have weird symbols in them like + and / which don't exist in GW2 preview codes.
2017-04-27 18:52

Example: Noble Boots

Your code: [&C+4AAAA=]

Actual code: [&Cu4AAAA=]

Somehow the "u" became a "+".

It is like this for every single preview code on the site. Please fix this.
2017-04-27 18:55

Fashion Guru
Hey. Is there any chance that you could replace the select box with armor and dye options for a text input with autocomplete? It's not a big deal, but it would be much more comfortable to select the right piece.
2017-05-01 5:58

Fashion Guru
I think this site is pretty great in the way that it works. One this I might like however is almost more different levels of medals. Like, the difference between a low and high silver to me is huge. Again, some looks are gold, but some things I want to rate as higher. Perhaps a platinum medal which can't be displayed on the main medal but you could vote for with the individual concept? I want something that says truly wonderfully exceptional but would rarely be given out, even to regular gold looks.
Also, I agree that people should have to read the About GW2 style page. I was all set to post a (what I thought was a hilarious) mesmer brothel madam before I realised it was against site rules.
2017-06-22 5:32

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