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Look Feed

Cool Summer Nights

By: Skyy223

My Warrior/Heavy Armor looks for days, where the plate is just too hot to wear.

The Wizard of Garenhoff

By: Elessar Taralom

The small town of Garenhoff is the safest town in all of Tyria and that is thanks to my powerful elementals. Sure, sometimes one of them might go rampant, but nothing my magic can´t fix! Although magic is omnipresent in these lands, it seems like no...

Princess of the Desert Winds

By: Mihrean

The fierce winds blow through my desert: relentless enough to scour flesh from bone. A scavenger, I follow in their path. I leave no footprint, no sign of my existence. ...

Ghostly Ranger

By: donhoylord

Create just to remind me how to dye.

Old Mother Hubbard

By: disgruntled_peasant

Old Mother Hubbard ...

Branded General

By: P3PSI642

The Branded are minions of Kralkatorrik. Former living beings bathed in the golden breath of the Elder Dragon, they turned into evil creatures of stone and crystals. The real monsters, however, is never those whose an existence is forced upon them. ...

Amber Oni

By: Dacerus

The Amber Oni. A flame for a heart. No more is known.

[Steampunk] Heavy Metalburner

By: Maxoup34

As a charr born within the din of metal, foundries and underground factories, this one is used to face fear and death. ...

Beef Never Frozen

By: bryceanater

"Im just a simple country girl who just wants to sell beef that's home grown in Tyria" - Wenda's. ...

Syberian Hunter

By: horsie

Hello, It's my time to try this new shoulder hehe. As you can see, on few screens, iI used different coat,I wasn't sure back than, what will fit this look better, but i think that I'll stick with this t2 human cultural armor. ...

Look Feed

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Look Feed

Cool Summer Nights

By: Skyy223

My Warrior/Heavy Armor looks for days, where the plate is just too hot to wear.

Ghostly Ranger

By: donhoylord

Create just to remind me how to dye.

The Dragon Hunter

By: acex5

Heavy Armored Dragon Hunter Look. To understand how to take down the dragons you must become one with them.

Pale Popinjay

By: disgruntled_peasant

A nobleman who believes he can save the world through love. And when that fails, he resorts to violence instead. Is he tacky? Yes. Insane? Possibly. He is the enemy of anyone with allergies, as his weapons and the rose he wears as a symbol of love...

Shiverpeaks Defender

By: timofan

Hi there. Still need help with weapons. I think fractal sword and axe to fit hammer. Also need help with helmet. Any suggestions ?

Ornate Desert Voyager

By: pockypantsmcgee

Hi! This is my first post, so I'm pretty excited. I recently decided to redesign my Revenant since he seemed to need a makeover. Much of the Revenant's skills are agile and mobile, so I decided to create a much more lighter looking outfit...

Trenchcoat Reaper

By: disgruntled_peasant

This reaper has an appreciation for technology, equipped with plasma weapons and relying on an air filtration mask to breathe. Her vibrant trench coat keeps the enemies coming to her, allowing her to sap their health as she pleases. ...

Salad Warrior

By: Biscuit

Clash of sylvari and heavy armors. I made this look to match Kudzu and the Calabolg weapons.

Devil Homura

By: blaust

Homura the Necromancer


By: blaust

Homura the Chronomancer

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